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“SEMA Auto Show” History Of It & A Show That You Shouldn’t Miss



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Automobiles have reached another level of excellence where car manufacturers won’t compromise in performance and quality.

Car manufacturers don’t just launch their cars and get them on track no. That’s now how it goes, there’s full exhibition takes place in different countries and that exhibition is known as “Auto Show”. 

Source: FenderBender

Among all the auto shows there’s one that brought major brands in the show and let the car lovers witness the new automobile innovation.

Source: PC Bennette Solutions

An American-based auto show that’s known to the world as “SEMA”. Seema is one of the most anticipated and attended auto shows in the world. Here you might see all the elite brands introducing their new models or concept cars.

Here you witness amazing cars by different companies Aston Martin, Mercedes, BMW, etc.

But when did SEEMA began? What’s the background history of SEMA? Everything will be answered here because it’s all about SEMA.

SEM Auto Show History

Source: Fuel Curve

Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is one of the finest auto shows on the planet. It all started in 1963 officially formed by Ed Iskenderian, he was the first president of SEMA along with him there were other early members too.

SEMA’s members were already in hot limelight industry’s such as Ansen Automotive, B&M, Cragar, Eelco., Grant Industries, Isky Cams, Milodon Engineering, Moon, Schiefer, Trans Dapt, Weber Speed Equipment, Weiand Racing, and Dempsey Wilson Cams.

Source: Robb Report

SEMA is a great opportunity for all the vehicle and part manufacturers out there to showcase their unique products and concepts while interacting with the people around there.

In the beginning, it didn’t look like that SEMA auto show would go to the next level. SEMA came into a business where there was not a single organization to deal with auto aftermarket trade problems.

SEMA Background

The first-ever SEMA show was held in 1967 at Dodger Stadium and got published by “Hot Rod” magazine.

Source: YouTube

Later that the show moved to the new Anaheim Stadium, but in 1977 SEMA wanted to make a big jump and for that new location.

So, they shifted to Vegas Convention Center. Believe it or not, it has now become the largest convention held in Las Vegas.

Source: Classic Cars

At SEMA you don’t see any simple automobile, here car manufacturers and other companies introduce their product which stands out among others.

As mentioned, SEMA tried to stand out among any other auto show, so that’s why they also introduced custom motorcycles as well.

It’s Not For Everyone

SEMA has become a trade-only event show, which means the general public cannot attend the event until and unless you work for a company.

Source: Motor Illustrated

SEMA has a very significant type of audience for their auto show, that’s the reason they had already set the criteria for the show, which can be accessed through their website.

People who attend the show include restoration specialists, major automotive brands, aftermarket manufacturers, car dealers, and specialty equipment distributors and installers.

SEMA has been the highlighting, extraordinary show on the planet. Last year it got canceled due to pandemics, but this year it will be held on November 2-5.

Due to the Covid-19 cancellation show, SEMA president and CEO Chris Kersting said, “That’s going to be our top priority as we head to the SEMA Show, we’re pleased to let you know that Las Vegas has made tremendous progress in terms of their COVID recovery.”

Las Vegas will become lively; people will witness outclass innovation. Mark your calendar for the SEMA Auto Show because you shouldn’t miss the biggest gala of automobiles.




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