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“121 Years Of Excellence” Inside The History New York International Auto Show



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Auto shows are one of the most anticipated events that every car lover desperately waits for. Several well-known internationally famous auto shows have high demand among the car manufacturers and fans.

The way SEMA Auto Show has a great influence in the US, there’s another big auto show that happens every year and it’s a legit internationally acclaimed one.

Source: Bloomberg

“New York International Auto Show” it’s one of the biggest auto shows in the world and last year it didn’t happen because of the pandemic.

Even in 2021, it was scheduled to take place in August from 20-29. But it got again canceled due to the pandemic.

Source: Wikipedia

Due to the pandemic, New York International Auto Show was postponed, there’s no harm in looking back at their 121 years of excellence.

It would be great to dig deep into the history of the New York International Auto Show and get to know their journey.

A Look At New York International Auto Show’s Journey

Source: Motoring Research

In early 1990, NYIAS became the first-ever automotive in North America. At the time of the oil crisis, depression, recession the organization didn’t stop at all and went to continue the whole culture and tradition with innovation and automobiles to a world stage globally.

For the past 121 years, New York International Auto Show has been entertaining their audience, industry, and companies.

Source: Prokerala

There’s no doubt in the past couple of years, the auto show has broken several highest attendance records, exhibited new vehicles, and increased the heavy amount of media coverage.

Looking at the city of New York which is the largest market that introduces new cars and trucks. New York International Auto Show and that’s what makes one of the most important automobile events in the world.

What Makes New York International Auto Show Supreme?

Source: Media Post

New York International Auto Show isn’t just for US citizens or companies. For the past decades, NYIAS has done some great work on its marketing and became the world’s greatest public show.

Yes! Because they had expanded their industry events and world-class traders.

They didn’t stick to a limited area, believe it or not, today nearly 100 individual events take place during the show’s press preview week. Some of the events include conferences, industry forums, symposiums, award ceremonies, roundtables, and parties all these held.

Source: The Japanese Times

Not only that more than two dozen press conferences were hosted by the automakers. It’s been marked, that none of the other auto shows has ever brought business, consumer, and lifestyle press.

Wall Street’s financial community, the marketing and advertisers of Madison Avenue along with the massive most diverse metropolitan population altogether in such a distinctive way that surely stuns others.

New York International Auto Show is undoubtedly one of the biggest auto shows in the world. The way they had been organizing such a big event grabbed many of the car lover’s attention and especially manufacturers.

Car companies like Ford, Mercedes, Hyundai, Porsche, etc. have been part of the show for the past decades and letting their fans about their new automobile innovation.

You can never get a perfect place to research your fan-favorite car than any other place.




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