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Mark Your Calendar! Top 5 Auto Shows To Attend In 2021



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If you are a car lover then you should probably know that auto shows are considered to be one of the biggest events in the world. People out there are crazy about auto shows and they spend hundreds of dollars to attend them.

Source: Automotive News

Auto shows are organized by leading organizations where hundreds of journalists cover the event and even celebrities also enjoy the auto show night.

Here you get to see one of the leading automobile outlets exhibiting their new and concept cars to their respective audience.

Source: Detroit Business

Every year in the world in different countries, states auto shows are organized and thousands of people attend them.

LA auto show, SEMA auto shows come under the radar of successful and popular auto shows in the world. But what about others?

Source: Automotive News

If you are new to the world of cars and want to know about it then which auto show would be great for you? You don’t know right? You need a guideline where you get to see the best auto shows list. So, you can get the idea of it and decide where you want to go.

Here you go, we present you top 5 auto shows in the world that every car lover should attend at any cost.

Top 5 Auto Shows in the world – Best out of best

Since the pandemic arrived in the world, it has damaged the economy and affected events as well. Auto shows have been canceled due to the Covid-19 and it left the audience in high disappointment.

Source: Driving Ca

But this year few auto shows took place like LA Auto Show 2021 which created a great impact in its return and now it looks like more auto shows are to come.

The list consists of the biggest and best auto shows in the world. These auto shows cover every aspect of it.


Source: Times of India

Geneva Motor Show is considered as one of the biggest international motor shows where each year new cars come on board.

London Motor Show

Source: Google

If you are living in London then you must know it’s UK’s largest auto show and it’s heading towards evolution with the comeback. It can be said that it’s the summer car fest.

Paris Motor Show

Source: Hospitality On

Paris Motor Show gathers all the auto designers and engineers in one place. It perfectly blends with art, wine, and overall elegance. It’s the first auto show that allowed the world’s best auto designers to show off their latest concept models.

Chicago Auto Show

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Talked about LA and SEMA auto show then how can we forget to add Chicago Auto Show. Chicago Auto Show became popular and managed to overtake Detroit auto show in terms of audience and scope. It brings you over 1,000 vehicles each year.

Tokyo Motor Show

Source: Japan Guide

Japan, where many of the automakers call it the home of the world’s largest automakers. Tokyo Motor Show is the stage where producers get the opportunity to exhibit their concepts, ideas, and the next stage of engineering and design.

So, here you go top five best auto shows you need to attend this year. Up till now SEMA and LA auto shows have been held. Corona is surely in control and that’s why more auto shows are set to launch.




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