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Special Revelation In Europe, Ford Electric Explorer SUV 2023



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Ford’s much anticipated electric explorer SUV has been revealed, it’s an all-electric family SUV and it’s worth checking out.

Ford has decided to go with a compact design without compromising style to stay in the modern SUV category.

In Ford’s electric explorer, several elements have been added to attract consumers and tried to look different from other electric SUVs out there.

In terms of design, Ford has done a great job with the modern look along with the luxury element as well.

In size manner, this vehicle sits between the Volkswagen ID.3 and Volkswagen ID.4 in size.

Ford’s Electric Explorer – Compact, But Stylish

For those who don’t know, Ford Explorer is the first electric Ford to use the Volkswagen MEB platform and the first electric car to be built at scale at the company’s Cologne factory in Europe.

Audi’s all-new SQ8 E-Tron Sportback SUV has more horsepower than Ford’s explorer.

It is powered by a 3.3-liter V6 engine with a battery-and-motor setup that combines for a total of 318 horsepower.

It’s strange because in the current electric SUV line-ups various automakers have gone with high-performance mode and Ford sticks with less.

Coming to the design, Ford has delightfully managed to craft a much more sensible SUV into an attractive design instead of going with a generally boxy silhouette.

Ford has listened to the audience and got rid of the boring usual SUV design.

Amko Leenarts, design director for Ford of Europe told, “That ‘boring’ bit from customers hurt us.”

He explained everything about the design, “So Explorer is really about an adventurous spirit. The design is unashamedly American-inspired, as we decided that we’d been a bit shy about celebrating that we are American, but Explorer is also not aggressive.

There’s a certain simplicity to the design, as we took away some distracting lines, and worked on the purity.

Our feedback has suggested that the Explorer looks very gender-neutral to customers, too, which is hard to do—and we’re very pleased about.”

Only For the European Market

This model is highly-designed for the European market, with no intentions to bring it to the USA. But Leenart believes that “My American colleagues love it,” says Leenarts, “I wouldn’t design a car that the mothership doesn’t like.

But it is very much a European product. We were adamant about making it compact and parkable for our customers over here. For instance, keeping it short—it’s only a couple of centimeters longer than a Focus but has more luggage space than a Mondeo.”

Coming to the interior, you get the spaceship-designed dash that’s very modern and futuristic in terms of design

. In reality, it’s the soundbar that looked like a spaceship and it’s something we have never seen it.

The company will also get the latest Sync Move Infotainment software to let the audience experience digitalized SUV.

You also get massage seats and other luxuries the heated seats and keyless entry that every Explorer gets.




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