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What A Beast! 6X6 Jeep Gladiator



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As people are getting interested in supercars, automobile makers increasing their production and introducing insane cars. But it looks like they want to shift the audience’s attention towards the bigger picture.

Big brands are bringing some exciting big cars for heavy car lovers out there and looking at that new players jumped in to showcase their insane model.

Source: YouTube

Get ready to witness this year’s insane converted Apocalypse Sinister 2021: 6X6 Jeep Gladiator. Yes! That’s how you call this big beast. SOFLO (South Florida Jeeps) made it possible.

The moment you look at it, your jaw will surely hit the floor because it’s huge and incredible. It’s fully muscular in every manner and it gives you heavy machinery vibes.

Source: Motor1

One of the most important things you notice when you witness this beast is the big tyres.

The design of the Jeep Gladiator surely gives you a real warrior vibe in and out. But how about let’s have a detailed look from outside first.

6X6 Jeep Gladiator – It’s humongous

First thing first, the tyres Jeep Gladiator got 40 inch big tyres not but six huge ones. These tyres give a great look to the jeep and hold it up as well. There’s no doubt the entire car looks aggressive with its design and color.

Source: Car Wale

Apart from tyres, let’s take a moment and appreciate the designers of the car. Because just look at the front side of it and it looks exceptional.

That aggressive look goes from front to back perfectly. From headlights to the grill if you look closely it gives you the look of a car monster not joking at all.

Source: Guide Auto

It’s not the usual jeep that you have seen before, it’s different in every manner. The backlights also look incredible with the square-shaped new design.

Source: Guide Auto

Along with that, you get to see the two big exhaust pipes that produce the scream of the engine. You also get the Falcon racing suspensions as well.

Jeep Gladiator you won’t believe is 8ft and 1inch tall. You read it right, absolutely so in front of tiny man it this might look even bigger.

Source: Top Speed

But great thing is that when you open the door automatically footstep pops out for both front and back. Now let’s talk about the cost, the normal gladiator costs you around 33 or 44,000$, but this big piece of monster costs you five times more.

Now, why did it cost five times more? Because in this beast you get Corvette Engine with its V8 and produces 500 horsepower. As everyone knows Corvette has produced some insane cars earlier this year such as Corvette Stingray.

6X6 Jeep Gladiator- Let’s look inside the beast

The interior looks different from the standard gladiator, as they have completely changed the seat design and its stitching which looks impressive. The Interior theme went with a red and black one which looks great in contrast manner.

Source: Business Insider

The steering wheel and other functional toggles stay the same nothing usual at all. But when it starts, you better check your ears after that because it’s loud.

The first entry of Jeep this year creates more hype for the Jeep lovers out there and this one has raised the bar surely.




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