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“From Movie To Reality”-Supercar Blondie Brings UFO Car On Street



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In the 21st century, cars have been changed, manufacturers thinking beyond our expectations and want us to look in the same way as well.

No doubt, companies approaching the future and creating something related to it.

But have you ever thought of having a car in a shape of a UFO? Shocked right? Car in the shape of a UFO, it feels weird and strange.

Source: YouTube

It’s totally strange to see such a futuristic car in reality, that everyone has seen only in movies.

But there’s only one person who made it possible and gave a quick detour off the UFO car is none other than Supercar Blondie.

UFO CAR-Future Car

Source: Hypebeast

Before jumping into the specs of the car, look at the design of it and it’s seriously epic. Believe it or not epic is still a small word in front of this beauty.

With the remove button, you will be able to see the logo and little lights which are incorporated into the canopy beautifully.

Source: Fortune

This piece of beauty came from the ‘Peterson Museum’ and got the privilege to showcase this unique car to clear the air.

Looking at the back before handing it over to the Peterson Museum, this beauty belonged to the Dicaprio Foundation and then the mega movie star Leonardo Dicaprio donated it first to Drive H2, and then they landed at Peterson Museum.

Source: Global Green

By the look of it, most people might think it’s no use especially when you get in it will be dark and all. But no, you can see everything the moment you get inside and close it down.

With 360 overlooks, you can view every single thing and that’s impressive. So the futuristic UFO car is made by the United Nude the brand that brought up this car.

Source: Google

And it’s called the low res car because the brand says, it’s the full functional representation of the Lamborghini Corn Touch, but in reality according to Supercar Blondie “It’s very low res version”.

It’s a pure electric car without any doubt on it. Currently, we have numerous electric cars including the ‘World’s First Electic Super Truck GMC Hammer’.

Source: Google

Build wise it looks premium and solid. As it feels like wrapped polycarbonate bodywork. It even doesn’t open like a usual sporty car or any other one. It opens right from the low to the top and closes as the same.

Let’s Get Into The Future

Source: Deezen

Inside the steering wheel captures the center of attention with its unique and metallic look. Instead of any engine button or anything, there are switches to drive, reverse, etc. with one turn of the key you are ready to drive.

The interior isn’t that much highlighting spot, it’s simple with a few lights on each side. But the passenger seat isn’t great especially for a heavy person or a tall one. Because there isn’t much room there to sit.

With the space look of the car from the outside, expected the spacious look from the inside and thought to see something eye-catching that blows our mind.




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