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“2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV”-World’s First Electric Super-Truck



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the future is near because just look around yourself technology is getting advance in every form. This adaptation can also be seen in automobiles too, many of the supercars and brands taking the step into the future by eliminating engine and fuel consumption.

That means such cars entering into the world of electric motors, where they produce more power with heavy motors.

Source: Auto Car India

In the future of electric vehicles, Hummer stepped into the future and produced the ‘world’s first-ever all-electric super truck’ named “Hummer EV SUV”.

Hummer EV SUV is a massive build super-truck, which works on pure electric motors and is premium in every manner. It’s hard to get your hands on this because it’s officially going to be launched in 2024.

Hummer EV SUV-All Electric Super Truck

As mentioned it’s not arrived yet in the market, then who gets the chance to have a first look at that beautiful hummer beast?

None other than, Supercar Blondie who got the leverage to review it and share her experience. She had the preproduction hummer with her and that’s amazing.

One of the coolest features in this super truck is that when you walk in front of it, she recognizes you and turns on front beautiful lights. It’s an impressive continuous light bar, with the HUMMER built in it and that’s an eye-catching element.

Source: CNET

Majorly in the electric charges, you need to get inside to check whether the car is charged or not. But in Hummer, you get to see your car charge bar in front of the light bar with the cool lightning animation.

Its electric charge is super, one fully charged will get you 560Kmh in 160miles and that’s insane.

Not only that, this car has so much power that you can even use it as a generator no kidding.

Source: Motor1

As you don’t have any engine storage so in front of this beauty you get nice space storage where you can store roof head glass in it. This car has 1000 ridiculous amount of horsepower with three electric motors.

On the back, you get more large space to store your stuff, and the most interesting thing with one button the back door opens.

You don’t need to pull towards yourself anymore. There is very less car that has crab walk function and Hummer EV SUV is one of them.

Interior of Hummer EV SUV

The Interior of the Hummer EV SUV is another world of the future, Hummer didn’t compromise in quality at all.

As mentioned in technology advancement, this car has twenty-four different cameras in the car and that’s something you won’t see in any other car for sure.

Source: YouTube

 Another coolest and interesting thing about this car. It has the controlled launch, but with the little sense of humor they renamed it “WTF-Watts to Freedom” with that you get a 13.4-inch display infotainment screen that lets you control and operates.

The seats will give you a premium feel with their unique design that hugs you from back the moment you sit.

Hummer EV SUV surely is the beauty with the best look, it’s powerful heavy and future car. Imagine driving with 1000 horsepower undoubtedly feels like a dream.

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