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“Brand New & Superfast” BMW Introduces M3 Competition 2021



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BMW is one of the most famous and well-known automobile brands in the world. They are known for their superfast cars and luxurious ones.

No doubt, it’s everyone’s dream to have a BMW standing in their garage and people are getting it too.

In 2021, brands like Porsche, McLaren, etc. produced some of the fastest and luxurious cars. So how can BMW keep themselves stay back when it comes to producing fast cars.

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This year BMW launched their new M3 model and in black it grabs every attention of detail.

The look of the BMW M3 Competition 2021 is stunning and impressive. BMW has never compromised in design and speed that’s for sure.

Brand New BMW M3 Competition-It’s a Whole New Thing

It’s hard to find a brand new BMW M3 currently, but there’s one person who can get her hands on any car she wants. Supercar Blondie is the one who got the chance to test and review this baby.

BMW M3 comes with 2 versions, the first standard one in which you get manual gear and has 475 horsepower in it. And you can get M3 competition which is a completely different car because it’s fully automatic.

Plus, it has 510 horsepower and that’s superfast. likewise, BMW M4 Competition Coupe has 503 horsepower and it’s also fast. For those who mix match M3 with two doors, let’s clear the air the two-door car is now known as M4 and M3 come with four doors.  

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Looking at the exterior of the BMW M3 Competition is quite elegant, at the back you get quad exhaust and each of them is 10 centimeters in diameters.

Coming to the front, the headlights have an amazing blue color feature in the middle of the design. Plus the massive kidney grille in front looks unique and amazing. It feels like the designers of the car pushed their limits.

Source: MotorBiscuit

The taillights are beautifully placed where exactly they should be with the red shiny lights. Now that’s just the exterior the real picture begins inside.

BMW M3 Competition Begins Inside

The moment you open the door, the premium and exclusive color combination take the whole spotlight. Black and orange dope color combo taking BMW M3 Competition to the next level.

Source: Hype Garage

Seats are also unique because this one has the racing bucket seats which are mostly seen in racing sports cars and full-on carbon fiber. Another cool feature as you open the door there’s an M3 badge lights up on the seat.

The center console also holds up the carbon fiber look and is covered with it. Even you might see carbon fiber on the steering wheel as well.

Source: YouTube

One of the interesting about the steering wheel is that there’s M stitching in M colors which looks impressive.

Even the infotainment screen also isn’t the same as or old BMW model ones. The infotainment screen also gives you the full vibes of the sports car and it’s super fast.

The inside look of the car gives you a full sporty feel and a race driver feels. BMW M3 Competition has been tested on the track too.




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