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Ready For Rally! Toyota Yaris GR



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Toyota is the old player in the vehicle world manufacturing some of the greatest cars in the world and also delivering their engine as well.

Looking at their rival’s sudden move, Toyota decides to come in and produce a competitive car that offers everything to the customers.

Source: Motor1

As the Toyota CEO stated: “No More Boring Cars” and that’s why they have upgraded their standards. In Asian and other regions Toyota introduced Yaris that’s a usual standard variant for daily usage.

Source: Gaadiwaadi

But Toyota thought to change the game when they saw Corolla Circuit GR gain respect and fame. They turned ‘standard Yaris’ into Yaris GR and it’s impressive in every form.

From design to performance everything Toyota kept it top-notch looking at its demand of it. 

Toyota Yaris GR – Sporty, New Design & Top Performance

Toyota Yaris GR isn’t the usual one, it’s three times the price and three times the horsepower. Before heading to the performance, let’s have a look at the exterior that looks sleek and cool. You get a completely carbon-fibered roof on top.

Source: Gaadiwaadi

If you look at it side-wise it’s impressive and it’s five centimeters longer than a standard Yaris and two centimeters wider as it’s more of a track car.

You also get forged alloy wheels which is surprising to see in a Yaris with this addition Toyota sends a clear message that they are not just here to play around.

Source: Motor1

Coming to the front side, compared to the normal Yaris you get this massive grill and black panels everywhere. On the headlights, you get to see this unique pattern which is nice and clean.

Source: Top Gear

One of the main reasons behind producing Yaris GR is to get into Rally Championship and it’s insane.

At the back, you get two dual-tone paint, black, and red, and then back down below or the white version. 

Source: Gaadiwaadi

Along with that, you get two dual exhaust pipes with a rear diffuser and Toyota is talking about downforce with the Yaris.

Source: Top Gear

Now coming to the performance, GR Yaris is equipped with an all-new 268-horsepower, * turbocharged 3-cylinder engine; a rally-derived GR-FOUR All-Wheel Drive system; and a track-proven suspension.

Toyota Yaris GR – Interior

One of the first things you notice when you open the doors are the bucket seats ready to hug you in the premium leather.

Source: Bafta Japan

And it’s all Alcantara with perforated leather with red details which goes with the color combination.

Source: Paul Tan’s Automotive News

You also get the same detailing on the gear selector and steering wheel as well. Beside the handbrake, you get to see the badge that stated “WRC – developed for FIA World Rally Championship.”

Describing Yaris GR in one word, “Superb” Toyota has done everything to make it a rally racing car and installed every ingredient to make it superior.




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