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Fast & Luxurious! Cadillac Escalade V



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2022 looks like a year of SUVs and big cars because everyone’s interested in producing that category of vehicles. With the incredible range of SUVs on the market, Cadillac is back with another edition of Escalade, and this time it’s insanely fast.

Source: Forbes

For 2021, they have introduced Escalade Platinum Sport which gained impressive love in the market. But in 2022, here they are again with another model that has power and luxury combined to produce something for the SUV lovers out there.

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Cadillac Escalade V is superfast and luxurious in every way possible. As mentioned fast, this is the true meaning of it because Cadillac Escalade V comes with 680 horsepower which we are going to take a dig deep into later.

In design manner, this supercar looks massive and huge in size. It also has some quirks and features that make her savage in the vehicle market.

Cadillac Escalade V – Exterior & Ultra-Performance

Cadillac Escalade V will be ready for 2023, but today we are going to dig deep down to check out some of the important aspects of the car.  

First and foremost is the performance of the Cadillac Escalade V. On paper, it looks super crazy, but in reality, it also impressed everyone out there.

Source: Motor 1

Cadillac Escalade V packs a 682-hp wallop from a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8—a hand-built mill that’s closely related to the 668-hp supercharged V-8 found in the CT5-V Blackwing, though the engine in the SUV trades the sedan’s 1.7-liter Roots-type blower for a larger 2.7-liter unit.

Source: Motor1

It’s a super power-hunger vehicle for those who are in love with speed and want to maximize the level of SUV.

Now coming to the exterior, the front side looks subtle with no fancy components added because a minimalistic front has always been Cadillac’s biggest forte.

Source: Motor1

Massive grill with the badge fixed in the mid and the two incorporating headlights which go with the whole look.

Source: Motor1

The backside of the Escalade looks massive in every form size and also in space manner. Because once you open tailgate, you get big space to store your stuff and fit more than one-two suitcases.

Cadillac Escalade V – Interior

As mentioned above performance and luxury. When luxury word comes in then you can expect lot of premium elements inside the car.

Source: Motor1

You get to see V branding inside and outside of the SUV which is very common.

Coming to the seats of comfort, you get high-quality seats with outstanding comfort on board. Infotainment screen with a lot of options to play around with, changing modes and exhaust sound system, etc.

Source: Motor1

In the back, you get a spacious environment that allows you to get more comfortable. You also get to see some kind of leather on the steering wheel and a v badge on it.




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