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“2021 Escalade Platinum Sport Edition”-Everything You Need To Know



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2021 believe it or not is the supreme and fantastic year for all the automobile makers out there. Because they have produced some of the outstanding supercars, heavy trucks, and SUVs that inspired many of the fans out there.

Looking at the demand of it, some of the companies went beyond the expectations and released some of the futuristic approached cars and SUVs.

Source: YouTube

But this time, it’s something special, it’s not small or sporty. In the SUV category Escalade enters with the newest edition and brings you the super tech SUV in the market. You have seen Cadillac Escalade 2021, but this one is super tech.

Escalade SUV 2021-Exterior & Hyper Tech

Source: Carbuzz

One of the coolest features in the car is the front lights, when you press the button you see some flashlights glowing on the side of the car and on the front side as well. Looking from the backside of the car, it surely gives you the feel of the beast, because it’s massive in size, and that’s what makes her premium.

Source: Cadillac Society

Supercar Blondie catered the car beautifully and let us know some of the features that stunned the escalade fans out there. The backlights, damn cool with the loop of going upwards when it turned on and it gives the dancing displays.

Another interesting feature, if you coming from grocery shopping and want to put the stuff at the back. Don’t just use your hands, press the button and there’s a flashlight glows on the floor on which you need to move over your foot to let it open.

It’s interesting, but sometimes it fails and can embarrass you.

Escalade 2021 has various versions either you full luxurious one or get a sporty one or this is the Sports Platinum Edition. The exterior is fully black and it really suits the look of it. To make it special, the wheels got their own rims to give a finishing touch.

One thing that caught my attention is that if you bring the car out in the sun, it gets blacked out and doesn’t look the same as it’s in the dark. The same goes with the interior too.

Interior With Different Look

Source: TH 2021

So, the interior also gives a premium look with the finest stitching finish on the seats. On the driver seat, you get the speakers on each ear side, and in this car, you get 36 speakers.

Apart from that, let’s get inside have a deep look into it. The infotainment screen is a 38-inch curved display and it is massive.

Source: Motortrend

The screen is fully touch screen, along with the main functional controls, they have another function too and you get different functions for each screen.

Besides the driver seat, you get a small fridge which is also a freezer too. You can set it to 5 degrees or -5 degrees. The area of installing the fridge is unique because mostly it has been installed on the passenger seats at the back.

As mentioned Escalade 2021 Platinum Sport SUV is fully tech, which also allows you to enhance your voice if you want to have a conversation with the back passenger who can’t hear you properly. That’s seriously insane.

Escalade 2021 surely a fully optimized super tech SUV in the market and it’s amazing in every manner. There’s no doubt you will get bored with this piece of beast tech.

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