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Corolla In New Avatar! Toyota GR Corolla Circuit 2023



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2022 is the year of the car festival where every automobile brand introduces insane supercars with top-notch design and more focused on performance.

Talking about the performance, Porsche revealed Taycan GTS Sport Turismo that’s fully based on performance.

Source: YouTube

Looking at that and other brands Corolla or say Toyota also jumped into the race of producing supercars with top speed and unique design.

Toyota brings you Corolla GR Circuit 2023 which looks incredible in and out. Although they have taken real inspiration from the previous GR Yaris model and it’s visible everywhere.

Source: Motor1

The car looks massive in terms of size or says bulky which makes her beauty in the beast mode. With supreme power and a better engine gives you a fully satisfying experience.

Toyota Corolla GR Circuit 2023 – Inspired & Powerful

Toyota has been one of the most popular automakers in the world. They had produced some amazing cars.

This time Toyota decided to give something better and unique in terms of everything. Before jumping to the design, let’s talk about the speed, performance, and of course the engine.

Source: Motor1

It’s the first time Toyota decided to introduce a motorsport car and add value for those to desire to have such sporty features in Colora models. It’s infused with the DNA of Toyota Gazoo Racing and that’s what Toyota customers wanting for years.

Source: Motor1

Toyota Corolla GR Circuit got a 1.6L turbocharged engine with 300 hp and 273 lb.-ft. of torque, paired with a 6-speed Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT).

Toyota Corolla GR Circuit 2023 – Sporty Exterior

Coming to the design, one of the most important things you notice is the extra width and that glossy grill.

The massive grill looks aggressive with the glossy shine and it’s incredible. One more thing to notice, behind the grill you get the massive intercooler because it got intercooler turbocharged power.

Source: Motor1

On the hood, Toyota didn’t go with the casual one, because they know their precious customers love bulge hoods and that’s what you get. On the hood, there’s a functional gloss black heat extractor and it’s insane.

Heading down to the wheels, you get the 18-inch and 15-spoke wheels with the bright red four-piston calipers nicely rotors that are fully ventilated and slotted. 

Now on of the car, something is surprising, this sporty model or say circuit edition offers you not the usual carbon fiber roof but forged carbon fiber.

Source: Motor1

What’s great about it, is that lighter and has a great pattern that helps cut down the weight and lower the center of gravity. The back of the car also looks great, the back spoiler adds more value to the car with the downforce design with the black finish.

Apart from that, you get the nice wide look, GR Corolla badge, aggressive back taillights, and new exhaust.

Source: Motor1

Two round trips on each right and left with the oval one in the middle. One thing you need to remember, this car officially launches in 2023, so it’s a pre-production car and there might be some finishes that need to do later.

As per the sources, Toyota Corolla GR Circuit might cost you around $35,000 and that’s reasonable. It might increase if you make some additions to the car.  

Toyota Corolla GR Circuit 2023 – Interior

Just like the exterior exposed itself being the most aggressive beast from front to back. Now it’s time to jump inside the car, you get to see the leatherwork on the door and seats that looks premium.

Source: Autodevot

The seats give you a full sporty vibe with the classy look and embroidery which adds essence to the car.

Source: Motor1

They kept the steering wheel simple with no functional buttons and with that leather it looks stunning. Will it be worth buying? Of course, in this budget and things Toyota offers worth spending on it.




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