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World’s Fastest Car On Planet! Tesla Model X Plaid



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Among all elite brands, Tesla come out from the corner and showed up this year. They have been doing great and producing some great cars in the past couple of years. Last year, in June Tesla, introduced Model S Plaid, the quickest production car ever made.

Source: Forbes

It was groundbreaking, up till now there was no Tesla new model introduced. But this year Tesla came into the market with the insanely fast, high-tech family SUV.

Tesla Model X plaid gives you ultra-comfort along with the performance to satisfy your every need from Tesla.

Source: TESLA

Tesla has always been high-tech supercars or says sedans that let their customers experience the advanced tech system.

In Model X they have gone far beyond the expectations and decided to produce something different in 2022.

Tesla Model X Plaid – Insane Performance & Exterior

This isn’t the usual Tesla, it’s a family crossover with some major changes that allow the customer and his family to enjoy the drive along with the entertainment as well.  

Source: Tom’s Guide

One of the most important features that separate this car from others, it has over a thousand horsepower which means from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds which is insane.

This insane amount of horsepower made Tesla Model X Plaid the quickest SUV currently.

There’s no harm in saying that it’s the fastest SUV in the market or say in the world right now.

Source: CNET

For many consumers, the Tesla Model X plaid doesn’t attract that much when it comes to exterior design.

A little bit different from the usual Teslas out there. But whatever you say, the design is subtle and unique to distinguish it from other models out there.

Also, the way the door opens also created the headline for its unique way of opening which grabbed a lot of attention.

Source: Teslarati

The backside of the car looks causal nothing new except the back taillight that gives you a different touch with the reflector pops open that reveals the charge port door.

It looks super cool when it turns on, plus there’s a small badge of Plaid that let you know it’s the fastest SUV on the market.

Source: Motorbiscuit

The front area also looks subtle, classic and gives you casual SUV vibes. With the Tesla badge in the middle and nothing more attractive.

Tesla Model X has two versions, the base model is called the long-range, which has 670 horsepower and it might cost you around $105,000.

Then you get the Plaid model, which produces 1020 horsepower and strangely costs you around $127000.

Tesla Model X Plaid – Advanced Technological Interior

Now the main element of the car comes in, the technology used inside the car that makes it stand out from others.

Source: Elektric

Starting with the Yoke the steering wheel of this car surely gives you a joystick vibe once you look at it. It doesn’t have any stalks sticking off the turn signal or anything.

You also get the big infotainment screen that lets you experience every functional element in this car and even overlook the automatic predicted gear system too.

Source: Tesla

The seats also look premium and classic. The same goes for the back seats and additional back passengers get the entertainment screen too for their enjoyment.





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