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Time To Binge Watch! Here Are Top 3 Car Racing Movies & Documentary Series



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People love cars and especially sports ones. Because it has full potential to offer everything to a car enthusiastic person out there.

Source: F1

Elite automakers such as Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, etc. Along with that people love to know the background story and insights about cars. Especially when it comes to car racing sport and Formula One.

There are tons of car racing movies and documentaries released that disclosed every insight into the details of the events.

Source: Dailysportscar

Whether it’s based on rivalry or biography about a famous driver. Such entertainment gives you an insane amount of knowledge and lets you fall in love with it.

So, without wasting any more time let’s kick things off and check out the top 3 movies and documentaries based on car racing sport.

Top 3 Car Racing Movies & Documentaries

Among all the best, we have selected the top 3 which offers you the ultimate experience to watch what’s happening in car racing sport.

Formula 1: Drive To Survive (2019-2021)

If you are into Formula one or want to be part of this sport then Formula 1: Drive to Survive is the ultimate series for you.

Source: F1

Because since it got released many of the newbies have become legit F1 fans and started following it properly.

It covers every year’s season, discloses politics, insights, and bitter rivalry of teams. It’s a Netflix famous show and recently its season 4 was released.

Source: F1

So, it’s a great start to pick this show and binge-watch it. It also helps you to choose your favorite team and driver.


Talking about F1, how can anyone forget the classic rivalry between two one of the most famous F1 drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

Source: Netflix

Both the actors Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl portrayed the characters brilliantly.

It also brings to light how shockingly difficult it was to drive with 510 horses at disposal, without electronic aids.

Ford vs. Ferrari

Two of the most famous automakers in the world clash to be the best in the 24 hours Le Mans.

Source: Indian Express

It’s one of the biggest blockbusters in 2019, it revolves around both companies wanting to win the 24-Hour Le Mans in the 1960s.

In this movie, the legendary Ford GT40 can be seen and the whole movie focuses on Ford’s effort to take on the Ferrari at the endurance race.

Source: Wall Street Journal

The perfect combination of Henry Ford II, Carol Shelbey, and the racer Ken Miles who were responsible for Ferrari’s defeat at the 24-Hour Le Mans in 1966 is shown in the movie.

These movies and TV shows surely give you endless information and knowledge regarding the racing sport. Just like that, there are video games that car enthusiastic ones love to spend hours playing and building their dream cars.

In 2021, tons of racing games released but among them here are the best racing games of 2021.




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