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New Lightning Car In Coming! Audi A6 Avant E-Tron Concept Car 2024



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Just like Mercedes, Aston Martin and any other elite automobile company Audi has also stepped into the future.

Audi for the past few years giving hints to their precious customers that they are heading to the future of automobiles, which means electric vehicles and they have produced some of the great ones as well.

Source: EV Database

Audi has showcased their incredible models this year which fully electric crossover Q4 E-Tron captured everyone’s attention.

But Audi isn’t done yet and let you have the ultimate future of the Audi model “A6 Avant e-Tron”.

Source: Motor1

Audi’s A6 Avant e-Tron give us various reasons to go through it and tons of features that attracted us.

Among all of them back strip lighting holds the coolest feature in A6 Avant.

Audi A6 Avant e-Tron – Supercool Exterior Design

Audi has produced many electric vehicles, but none like this before, and A6 Avant e-Tron has significantly raised the bar.

Source: YouTube

One of the most significant things to notice in this car is the backlight and it looks exceptional with the 3d architecture design.

Source: Youtube

It goes from one end to another and the Audi badge is also lit in such a way that we have never seen it before.

On each corner side of the car, you get a light projection that projects turn signals onto the floor to let other drivers that you are turning super cool, isn’t it?

Source: YouTube

On the side panel, you get another projector hidden underneath the black panel and it will project customize messages on the ground.

Plus, as Audi heads to the more futuristic approach, there’s no door handle and with a gesture, you get to open the door.

Source: Motor1

It’s a pure concept car and this is 85 to 90 percent of what the car will look like when it is released in 2024.

The car undoubtedly looks super cool and more little features are a must-check-out thing. Up in front, you get the daytime running headlights with a little dance look and if you look closely these are tiny triangles.

Source: Motor1

Unlike other competitors who are still keeping grills despite producing an electric car, Audi got rid of the grill and kept it sealed in a proper stylish design.

Source: Motor1

Coming to performance, the A6 Avant e-Tron will ride on the new PPE platform, and its two electric motors provide 469 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque.

Audi A6 Avant e-Tron – Supercool Interior

Apart from exterior designs, Audi does one thing even better and that’s making incredible interior design.

Source: Arena EV

Audi keeps it balanced just in this one, but there’s one thing that strikes you at once and that’s no leather.

Source: ArenaEV

Following recent trends, we have earthy fabrics everywhere in all shades of brown. We have light creme and brown around the window line and darker browns below.

Source: Arena EV

On the seats, you get dark brown accents on the seats that are mainly done in light brown. The seats are futuristic, sporty, and have high sides with the full most comfort.

Accept one fact, many automakers are running away from the round steering wheel and Audi did the same thing.

Source: Audi Mediacenter

It’s flat on top and the bottom. It’s a three-spoke design with the bottom spoke being of the frame type and covered in aluminum – Audi does like its polished aluminum.

Considering it as a concept car, Audi A6 Avant e-Tron unexceptional captures everyone’s attention with its new features and design elements.




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