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Track Focused & Remodified! Porsche GT3 2022 Edition



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Porsche decided to produce something for the track lovers and drivers with some major upgrades.

Source: Motor Show

The last year’s upgrade was an advanced version of the 911 GT3 touring that gave Porsche’s loyal customers a complete package.

With the real optimization and naturally aspirated engine, they are back with the much better 2022 edition of GT3 that allows you to enjoy every aspect of the car. This time, they are track-focused, lighter, and faster than the 911 model.

Source: The Globe and Mail

With the overall design Porsche GT3, 2022 looks fabulous and gives you real track car vibes. It’s monstrous in design and if you look at it from back to front it’s aggressive.

Porsche GT3 2022 Edition – Exterior

Among all colors of the GT3 2022, the gulf blue looks amazing and this one cost you around $5,000 extra. The starting price of the Porsche GT3 is $160,000, but it can be increased based on your additional add-ons.

Source: Motor1

One of the famous YouTubers Supercar Blondie like always got the privilege to review this beautiful supercar in detail.

Source: Carscoop

First of all, going at the back of the car the rear wing that Porsche called it “Swang Neck Wing”  and the main purpose of adding this to create more downforce by creating the large surface area behind the back.

It does make the car more stable and controllable on the track. If you compare the entire exterior of the car with previous models, you might notice that everything was completely redone and renovated. You get the GT3 badge in the mid and the long taillight goes all through the entire back.


Down there you get the exhaust pipes in the middle and it sounds soothing to the ears. The rear diffuser generates four times more downforce compare to the normal 911 model.  

On the top of the car, you get to see carbon fiber, which costs you around three and a half thousand dollars if you want to have it.

Source: CNET

This car comes with 21inch rims on the back and 20inch on the front. As mentioned, it tracks focused so you get the center lock feature that allows you to change the tyre quickly.

One of the biggest improvements in GT3 2022 is the front wheel suspensions, they have done a double-wishbone it keeps the wheel flat and sharp on heavy turns.

Source: Carbuzz

Just like the back, the front design was also redesigned as everyone can see the huge Porsche going down the middle with the badge in the down between the headlights.

Along with that, you get the two new vents, plus there’s more modification you can do on the headlights as well.

Porsche GT3 2022 Edition – Interior

The Interior of the Porsche GT3 2022 looks exclusive with the sporty look inside and it’s amazing.

Source: Car Interiors

You get the normal leather bucket seat, but you can get a super carbon fiber seat that cost you five thousand dollars more.

Source: Car Interiors

The steering wheel also gives you a sporty feel, as it is designed in such a manner. For causal drive Porsche GT3 2022 isn’t comfortable at all, you should get be on track to get the real experience of it.




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