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Small Luxury Crossover! Lexus NX 350H



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Lexus has always been the most luxurious and supreme car in the automobile world. There are tons of models of Lexus that define your legacy and style.

Source: Motor1

Where in 2022 many of the other competitors of Lexus introduced an insane number of supercars, Lexus decided to introduce the small competent luxurious car and stun everyone.

Lexus brings you their new NX 350h 2022 model and it’s a small luxury crossover with a great appeal.

Source: Autocar India

Because the design is classic and sleek from front to back. The moment you look at it, it might give you a premium feel and doesn’t seem like a small category one.

When the word crossover comes in, that means the rivals are Mercedes Benz GLC, Acura RDX, Audi Q3, and many others.

Source: Edmunds

Believe it or not, this segment is popular nowadays in the market. So, why don’t we head into it and check out the Lexus NX 350H of 2022?

Lexus NX 350H – Small Luxurious Exterior

Lexus NX was first introduced in 2015, but for 2022 Lexus fully redesigned the NX into a brand new model. If you talk about cost, the base level starts at around $40,000, or the modified and well-equipped version cost you about $60,000.

Source: Hindustan Times Auto

Along with that you also get various powertrains depending on two different hybrids. First, we had to the back of the car and the most interesting thing you notice is that the Lexus badge has been gone compared to other Lexus models.

Instead of an L badge, they went with Lexus script to make it more prominent. Along with that, you get two light bars, one in the center and the other one working as a taillight which has its distinctive shape.

Source: Green Car Reports

Now come to the powertrain where the performance comes in. The latest NX model offers you four powertrain options and it’s insane. As mentioned about the base model, it’s called NX 250 uses four cylinders with about only 200 horsepower not that fast enough.

Switching to 350H, still a cylinder with 240 horsepower but compare to the base it has better gas mileage because it’s a hybrid.

Source: Forbes

Apart from it, if you want to go full extreme then go with the last version 450 H Plus that’s a plug-in hybrid that goes about 35 miles on fully electric power and it’s around 300 horsepower.

Source: Motor1

The front side also looks incredible with the newly designed front, but you get the usual large Lexus grills upfront.

Last year, Lexus revealed the gorgeous-looking LX 600 that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Lexus NX 350H – Technological Interior

So, when you get inside the most interesting thing you notice is the technology used. Lexus listened to customers’ rants about interior technology and gave you better technology along with the large touch screen.

Source: Forbes

Talking about the technology, Lexus has included a driver assist system in the NX 350H model, and it’s pretty decent.

Source: Edmunds

The seat design and leather used felt premium overall. On the steering wheel, you get the different functional buttons that perform various actions.

Lexus NX 350H surely overcome all the problems that Lexus NX customers faced previously. Last year, Lexus has introduced some insane cars Lexus LX 600.




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