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Water Powered Supercar! Matador MH2



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The world is moving into the next step, where supercars get some real electric power to accelerate the full speed and touch the futuristic approach.

Source: Motor1

Every elite automaker is doing the same, by producing high-caliber supercars with a unique designs and insane performance.

In the last few years, automakers like Mercedes, Porsche, Aston Martin, etc. have introduced some incredible electric supercars and SUVs that surprised everyone in the world.

Source: Edmund

You might have thought, it’s done people can create electric cars and it’s the future. But what if we tell you that there’s another automaker in the market that produced Water Powered Supercar and it’s unbelievable.

Source: Matador Group

Matador named company worked on this water beauty for around 15 years and produced MH2 water aspirated supercar. This supercar contains hydrogen tanks and over the tank, you get to see heavy powered fans to cool it down.

MH2 Matador Very First Hydrogen-Powered Car – Exterior & Performance

Matador has been in the automobile industry for over 100 years out of Slovakia. By the look of the MH2 Matador, no one can guess whether it’s water-powered or fueled, etc. because the design it’s immersive and eye-catching in every manner.  

Source: Matador Group

According to the makers, the main idea of this car was to look like an athlete on the starting block

Many people might be thinking about the advantage of having a hydrogen car, it’s completely emission-free and extremely quick to refuel.

Source: MH2

Coming back to design, one of the eye-grabbing features of the exterior is the front windshield that goes all the way across and its 3-meter long piece of glass.

It’s unique because none of the current automakers have risked doing such an insane thing.

Source: YouTube

Below the windshield, you get to see the carbon fiber all across the downside. You also get the crystal lights at the front that look super cool.  

Unique exterior and the same goes with the wheels too. Fully covered with slats designed to get more aerodynamic.

Source: MH2

The backside of the Matador MH2 is also impressive and aggressive in design. With the beautiful taillight, the transition looks incredible. You also get the huge rear diffuser so beautiful as it has such a great impact back of the car.

Talking about the innovations, before last year world’s first electric super-truck was introduced by the GMC Hummer.

Source: YouTube

Matador just gave the privilege to Supercar Blondie to have a look and enjoy the concept car idea along with its capabilities of it.

Matador disclosed some stats, for now, it can produce 600 horsepower from zero to a hundred in 4 seconds which is insane keeping in mind that it’s a fully hydrogen-powered car.

MH2 Matador – Interior

The concept interior of the MH2 Matador looks impressive and stylish. The red and black combination takes everything away. Along with that premium sporty seats that go with the whole interior.

Source: Hotcars

The steering wheel also looks futuristic and doesn’t go with the casual one in the market. The cool yolk design with the boost and mode button on it.




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