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Time To Control Your Steering Wheel! Here Are The Best Racing Games Of 2021



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People are crazy for cars and when it comes to racing video games things got way out of hand.

Source: YouTube

Because there is a huge market for racing video games and people are happy to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase such games.

Because with the advanced A.I technology, video games makes you feel like you are driving a real car with realistic mechanics, and no doubt thousands of people love playing racing games.

Source: Cool Materials

For playing racing games, the loyal and enthusiastic ones also buy steering wheels to have real-life experience as well.

There are a lot of racing video games out there and it’s hard to pick the best ones and it is clear your dilemma here is the best racing or say motorsport games to play in 2021.

Best Racing Games To Play In 2021

There are tons of racing games released in 2021, but among all of them we are targeting on Simulations and famous ones that people spend money on it.

Gran Turismo

Source: VG247

Whenever motorsport games debate comes in, Gran Turismo stands tall with the most insane realistic mechanic ever created.

It’s one of the most highly recommended video games by the enthusiastic racers out there, it’s on PlayStation exclusive and millions of online players compete with each other.

Source: YouTube

If you are looking for some real simulation racing game, then Gran Turismo is the gift for you. It allows you to experience realistic racing elements in a video game.

F1 2021

Talking about motorsport and forgetting to mention Formula One would be injustice surely. Formula One 2021 is the cherry on top among all the racing games out there.

Source: EA

if you are a Formula One fan then you must know the beauty of this amazing video game.

2021 edition is the enhanced version with more reality and great simulation that gives you a realistic experience.

Source: Notebook Check

Codemaster lets you experience the Grand Prix in your favorite team and be the champion. Even many of the F1 drivers also spend hours playing F1 video games and learn new tactics as well. Lando Norris is one of the famous F1 drivers who stream and enjoy playing this game.

Forza Horizon 5

How can anyone forget about the Forza? Forza Horizon 5 is one of the most demanding and awaited racing games.

Source: CNET

If you are a fan of supercars and want to drive in a video game, then Forza 5 is for you. Because you get endless crazy supercars that you only watch on YouTube or in a movie.

From classic to modern everything you can drive and explore the beauty of this amazing game.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Another candidate in the list of best racing games in 2021, it’s not an arcade game like Forza Assetto Corsa is similar to Gran Turismo and has gained popularity among the racing community.

Source: Steam

If you are looking for another simulation racing game to play and build up your career then it’s the right choice.

Source: GT World Challenge

It can let you know about the sim racing world and allows you to understand the inside out. The real racers love playing simulation racing games and that’s the reason the real drivers also prefer the same. 

All these games are great in their category, Forza Horizon 5 isn’t a simulation one, but it’s fun to play. But if you are looking for some real driving experience then others are the sweet pick. You can even check out 2015 top motorsport games too.




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