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Ultimate Edition! Porsche Cayman GT4RS 2022



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2022 is the year of Porsche because the way they are producing supercars no one saw it coming through with that speed.

Source: Motor1

No doubt, Porsche has been a great fighter to put their rival brands out of the ring, and each time they have managed to produce something unique.

Looking at the demand for the supercar, Porsche decided to go ultimate and super-fast. That’s why they give you Porsche Cayman GT4RS 2022 and it’s the ultimate Cayman.

Source: Motor1

It’s a gift for all the Porsche enthusiast who has been begging for it and they have got it.

The design and performance both are ultimate in every manner. No one can complain about it and it has everything to offer.

Porsche Cayman GT4RS – Ultimate Exterior

As mentioned, Porsche has decided to gift its loyal customers an ultimate surprise with the performance and design.

Source: Motor1

One of the most popular car reviewers in the YouTube community “Doug Demuro” got the privilege to describe this beautiful beast.

They have put 911 GT3 engine in Porsche Cayman. There’s no doubt, Porsche has improved Cayman’s performance over the past few years and it can be seen.

Talking about the performance in this beast, the engine is a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six and it makes 500 horsepower at 8400 rpm.

Source: Motor1

The front side of the Porsche Cayman GT4RS looks incredible with the simplistic design that catches every attention to detail.

There are various areas designed in such a way for airflow that showcase the idea of such great design.

You get the new front diffuser and the most important thing is the new ones are adjustable which means you can adjust the airflow as well.

Source: Motor1

You also get the new front lip spoiler as well, in one sentence, Porsche managed to recreate Cayman and give it a proper ultimate look.  

Now talking about the most important thing that Porsche has done for the very first time in their cars. They have put center-lock wheels in the Cayman, instead of going with rug they have gone with the center lock like a race car.

Source: Motor1

Going to the back of the car, the backside also looks impressive with the new wing design and Porsche calls it “The Swan Neck” wing design. Compare to other Cayman models, this wing is huge and it looks great with the overall design.

Source: Motor1

The back taillights look great along with the red led light middle that gives you a sporty feel. Beneath that, you get the large rear diffuser as well. Last year, Porsche released their fastest supercar, Porsche 911 Turbo S with incredible design and performance.

Porsche Cayman GT4RS – Ultimate Interior

Talking about the interior, it gives you the full sporty vibe from the seat to the steering wheel and that’s what Cayman fans were dying for it.

Source: Motor1

The cockpit seat design with the premium quality of leather makes the seats more comfortable and relaxing.

Inside the car, you might see some definitive changes than any other Cayman and it has done due to reducing weight.

Source: Motor1

The steering wheel is also somehow covered with the same seat leather and offers you various functions.

No one can deny that Porsche Cayman GT4RS stands all with its ultimate look and performance overall.




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