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From Dawn Of Justice To Reality! Batmobile In Real Life



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 It’s almost everyone’s dream to have exact same car that they have seen in the Hollywood movie. Especially Batman’s Batmobile which became very famous in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. 

Source: Batman Wiki

People are dying to have that, but at that time it looked unrealistic and stupid to have it. But guess what? As time passed on, things have changed companies are making such unique cars and producing limited editions for special people out there. 

Just like this one, Batmobile no one thought that it might come in reality in exact shape and design. But it happened and it’s here.

Source: YouTube

One of the finest YouTubers in the world Supercar Blondie made the special review video on Batmobile that makes everyone go crazy in every manner. 

This one is the exact replica of the movie “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” and it’s been made by the collectors. The look and exterior design make your jaw drop because it’s almost 99% the same and it’s breathtaking. 

Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile In RealLife – Beastly Exterior 

So, the Batmobile’s exterior body is made out of fiberglass and carbon fiber. One of the interesting facts is that there’s only one of these in the world. It is huge in size, a small person might hide behind the Batmobile and it’s insane. 

Source: Alexwa

The wings and air intake flow were also designed amazingly. Even the engine is supremely beast, it’s Ford Supercharged 350 Raptor Engine installed at the back of the Batmobile that produces almost 700 Horsepower. 

The wheels are also enormous, each wheel consists of 500 KG, which means 1000 KG worth of wheels in the back and that’s just the tyres. The front side surely looks incredible and gives you beast look. 

Source: Alexwa

But the back also has got something special. The little taillights on each side of the wheel complement the design. Plus the exhaust pipe and other details look gigantic.

Source: Alexwa

It looks even insane when you open the doors and just stand back to look at it. 

Having such a unique car is always been everyone’s dream, apart from collectors Ferrari also delivers some of their insane cars that make it to the headline. Such as Ferrari Monza SP1 with a one-seater and unique design. 

Batmobile In RealLife – Interior 

Now it’s time to hump in and get a look at the interior side of the Batmobile. The moment you get inside of the Batmobile, the very first thing that pops into your head if you are a real car lover is the Formula One. 

Source: Alexwa

Looking at the steering wheel, purely gives you the same F1 steering wheel vibes and image. Plus Batmobile is automatic, so there’s no gear selection thing. Even the seat design is also similar to F1 cars with the premium sporty leather used. 

No shame in denying it’s the best in every manner, but not for normal car lovers out there. People who love to have such unique cars in the garage then perfect for them. 




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