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Made Out Of Mushrooms & Cactus! Mercedes EQXX Finally Out



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Mercedes has changed the dynamic of looking at a supercar. Because every time they decide to produce something incredible, they shock the automotive world with their concept and idea of it.

At the beginning of this year in January, they introduced the prototype of Mercedes EQXX and it was great in every manner.

Source: GreenBiz

Right after five months, the Mercedes EQXX is here and it’s one of the most environmentally friendly supercars ever made in the world.

Source: Motor1

Just take a moment and appreciate the final product. Because it’s the sexiest looking car right now and the designers have done a great job to pull out such a thing.

Source: Motor1

There are a lot of interesting and mind-blowing things in this car. But among all of that, this baby did over a thousand kilometers in one charge and that’s unbelievable.

Because up till now tons of electric vehicles are out there but none of them are able to pull such a thing off.

Source: Motor1

Now the most important question, how on earth did they do that? Simple, first they reduced the weight and second they reduce the drag of the car.

Mercedes EQXX – Performance & Eye-Catching Exterior

Mercedes EQXX has a lot of features and the coolest things that attract you anyhow. First of all the design, looking at the car from a side view looks beautiful and especially the tail which plays an important in the reduction of drag.

Source: Motor1

This tail known as a dragging tail actually reduces the drag and helped in surviving long drive runs.

The wheels are also unique, all closed off and that also reduces drag as well. They have made this open like a sea through the thing so that you can see the rose gold coils. Mercedes EQXX has magnesium wheels one thing you should know.

Source: Motor1

Next up, the back of the car is so futuristic that you cannot avoid it at all. It has an active aero diffuser and it actually comes out when the car goes about 50 kilometers an hour. Even the back taillight also looks incredible and goes with the overall back design.

Source: Mercedes Group Media

Another cool thing you get to see is the solar panels on the roof of the car. With that, it also contributed 20 more kilometers as well.

Source: Motor1

Coming to the front, which looks great and cool. To reduce the weight, they have even removed their badge and gone with the sticker.

Mercedes has done everything possible to make this car as weight-efficient as possible.

Mercedes EQXX – Interior

Wait a moment and take a deep breath. Because now you are going to witness the sleek interior design ever made. The color combination, premium leather, and comfort everything falls in the court.

Source: Mercedes Benz Group Media

Materials used in the interior are going to blow up your mind, the foot mat is made up of bamboo, and side door interior panels are made out of recycled items.

The interior leather is also made out of cactus and yeah it’s a serious thing no joking at all.

Source: Plastics Today

And the seats which look classic and premium made out of mushrooms. This whole car is out of this world and no doubt Mercedes has done the best thing to save the environment in every possible way.




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