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Wow! What A Speed! Mercedes Unveils Vision EQXX Prototype



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Wow! The year just started and more innovations coming on board. It looks like this year going to be exciting and surprising for automobile lovers out there. In this innovation war, Mercedes is ready to rumble and dominate in the future.

Source: Auto Cars

Because they are interested in producing electric cars and that’s what they want their customers to have. Even last year, Mercedes took some steps forward and decided to put some electric powers in their big ones.

Source: Google

Electric G-Wagon, this big electric beast captured everyone’s attention and now they are going for the EQ series.

Source: Electric Move

Last week, Mercedes unveiled a solar-powered concept car  “VISION EQXX” for which they claim that it will have a range of more than 1,000 kilometers (km) per charge.  It’s a step by Mercedes to put all of their money on electric stride.

Mercedes Vision EQXX – Electric Power

Mercedes Benz virtually revealed the concept Vision EQXX at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

Source: GreenBiz

Mercedes Benz surely gives every idea to other car manufacturers to utilize green energy. Vision EQXX is the perfect example of long-range along with efficiency. One of the most interesting things is that it’s not only electric, it’s also a sporty one as well.

Mercedes has claimed surely beyond the limit according to the viewers too. Because there are other EVs are on the road, here are some with their range Lucid Air (520 miles) and Tesla Model S Long Range Plus (402 miles).

Source: Mercedes Benz

Look at these cars’ miles, all of them are electric ones but don’t even come close to EQXX. But important stuff, EQXX is just a concept right now and doesn’t have any concrete proof.

Internal disclosure regarding Vision EQXX

According to the Ola Källenius (Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG). “The Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX is how we imagine the future of electric cars. Just one-and-a-half years ago, we started this project leading to the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever built – with an outstanding energy consumption of less than 10 kWh per 100 kilometers.

Source: Google

It has a range of more than 1,000 kilometres¹ on a single charge using a battery that would fit even into a compact vehicle. The VISION EQXX is an advanced car in so many dimensions – and it even looks stunning and futuristic.

With that, it underlines where our entire company is headed: We will build the world’s most desirable electric cars.”

Source: Hindustan Times

Even the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Markus Schaefer told journalists shared that, Daimler will test-drive the prototype before the middle of the year on various types of terrain.

He further added, “We will likely be the first to show a 1,000 km-range car in real life, with such a small battery.”

People are very anticipated about the Mercedes prototype because the moment it got revealed everyone was amazed.




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