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Ferrari Hub Of Unique Cars! Ferrari Monza SP2 Rare Edition



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Ferrari is one of the most dominating and supreme sports cars in the world. They have been ruling the market by creating unique and extravagant supercars for their precious customers out there. 

Source: The Verge

There have been several competitors out there, elite ones who are trying to steal the show and leave the Ferrari out of the race. But unfortunately, Ferrari knows how to grab celebrities, athletes, and their customer’s attention. 

Last year Ferrari came back in the race of supercars and delivered something exceptional as a comeback gift for their loyal ones. Ferrari V12 Spider and it grabbed all the attention with its look and powerful speed. 

Source: AutoEvolution

This year, they created one of the most unique and exceptional things. The second edition of Monza Sp1, the brand brings you Ferrari Monza SP2 with no windshield. Yes! No windshield and that’s a highlighting element in their design. 

Ferrari Monza SP2 – It’s Breathtaking 

One of the key features of the new Ferrari Monza SP2 is no “WindShield” that grabs the whole attention.

Source: YouTube

They went with a virtual windshield instead of going for the physical one and designed it in such a way that it works in the exact same way. 

Just the way a car looks insane, it costs you in the same way as well. As per the sources, the car might cost you around $2.5 Million and that’s tough to digest. So, basically Ferrari is now focusing on producing 5 of the most iconic cars to modernize the past and create history too. 

Source: Youtube

Just like Monza SP1 which has only one seat and now you get SP2 with no windshield at all. With the look of the SP2 and its shape of it. It surely gives you vibes of the Barchetta shape that was a classic look in the early 50s.

It has the smallest car doors that ever made, like none of Ferrari’s competitors even have small car doors too. The front and back sides purely highlight the retro vibe as it showcases the modernization of classic cars. 

Source: Roadni Che

Talking about the engine, it’s a 6.5 liter naturally aspirated V12 that produces an insane 810 horsepower. One of the coolest parts of the car is that you can easily transform a Ferrari Monza SP2 into a Transformer in real life. 

Ferrari Monza SP2 –  Insane Interior 

Surely you don’t need to open the doors to look what’s inside, but by the look it’s totally dope. The first and foremost important thing is that it’s hard to get yourself into the seat because of the small space. 

Source: Carbuzz

You also see the splitter between driver and passenger; it has been done due to safety precautions.

Lots of carbon fiber you get to see in the interior design, plus the seats are just exactly the same as the Ferrari design to give you cockpit shape. 

The steering wheel also looks incredible, carbon fiber work on it, and that design highlights fully racing car steering wheels. No doubt, Ferrari raised the bar by creating some of the iconic supercars on the planet. 




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