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$3.5 Million Hypercar! Lamborghini Essenza SCV12



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Name any celebrity or sports athlete who doesn’t own a Lamborghini? Everyone does because it’s one of the fanciest and super cool cars.

There’s no way anyone could say that he/she doesn’t like Lamborghini, it has everything to offer from style to speed.

Source: Verge

Mainly style and that’s the reason people invest their millions of dollars in this amazing piece. Lamborghini has produced endless supercars for their precious customers who love speed and love to drive like a flash.

Today, you are going to witness the beast that’s full of speed and power. “Lamborghini Essenza SCV12” and it’s a $3.5 Million hypercar that you cannot drive on a road.

Source: MotorTrend

Yes! You heard it right, you can’t drive this beast on road, because it’s specifically made for the race track that holds insane horsepower that’s going to be disclosed later in this piece.

Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 – Race Track Monster

With the design and color surely it gives you the full vibe of a racing car. Lamborghini has also decided to make only 40 of these in the whole world. As mentioned, it’s the only race car, but it’s not going to compete in any racing competition.

Source: Motor Trend

So, in this case, you buy the car and Lamborghini keeps it for you and transport it at various race tracks where you show up. That’s legit insane and impressive. Lamborghini Essenza is based on Aventador and uses the same V12.

The design of the car looks sick with the black and white color combination. The front side gives you a monstrous look, looking at the features this car has no key instead you get a toggle switch that allows you to start the engine and other functions of the car.

Source: Motor Trend

The headlights have been moved down and shifted the place of it. Although it is based on Aventador, in Essenza, Lamborghini designers have done some real tweaking to make this piece different.

That’s how the real race car works. Lamborghini tried to make it easier for the racers out there to enter easily with the door and the automakers retained their famous scissor motion which is pretty cool.

Source: Motor Trend

The side mirrors are also designed keeping in mind the aerodynamics and it fully works in that way as well.

Talking about the engine, as mentioned it has V12 high power with the 820 horsepower makes this beast insanely superfast.

 Back of the car, you get to see two giant exhaust pipes, if you head to the back of the car you won’t see any cover.

Source: MotorTrend

Another eye-catching element in the car is the wing that’s massive and looks great with the design of the car.

No doubt, Lamborghini comes among the most popular supercars and it’s also listed as the best supercars of all time.

Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 – Interior is sporty

Once you get inside of this beast there’s no surprise for you you are a racer driver. Because you get various functions to use and it’s worth trying.

Source: YoTube

The seats are a fully sporty cockpit with a premium design and incredible details. Looking at the steering wheel, it’s a fully racing car one and gives you Formula One vibe overall.




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