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World’s Most Luxurious Interior Ever! Mercedes Maybach 2022



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Mercedes Maybach is considered one of the most exclusive and luxurious cars in the world. No doubt, the way Mercedes focus on their Maybach production surely lets everyone knows their vision and target market.

Source: Mercedes Benz

They have been making headline statements with such unique and classic designs that no one can forget about them. In 2021, Mercedes has launched tons of supercars and it captured the vast audience’s attention with its eye-catching details.

Source: Mercedes Benz World Wide

But in 2022, Maybach returned with a heavy investment of luxurious stylish design and claim to be the world’s most luxurious interior ever.

This 2022 edition of Maybach, takes everyone’s breath away with the interior and the premium quality feeling inside the car. aa

Source: Motor1

The exterior no doubt gives you a classic and stylish look. But the key feature starts when you enter inside the car and witness the beauty.

Mercedes Maybach 2022 – Beauty stays inside

With the design and look automakers targeted diplomats, royalties, and high authority people.

Source: Motor1

Starting from the front side, you get the usual iconic chrome grille which looks amazing with the sleek fit in. you also get below honeycomb grill as well.

The headlights are also called digital lights and it comes from the S-Class version. By digital light, it means that it projects shapes onto the road when you drive this beauty.

Source: Roads Captain

The tyres also look incredible with the trademark Maybach rims that add value to the car as well. The back of the car looks the same as classic nothing fancy at all. Because the real magic begins inside with the outstanding interior design and leather used.

Source: Motor1

In 20202, Mercedes introduced the most luxurious and VIP car Maybach GLS 600 which outcasts every luxury car out there.

Maybach 2022, holds the engine of V12 that produces 612 horsepower and it’s exceptional with this interior.

Mercedes Maybach 2022 – Interior Where Magic Begins!

Let’s take a few minutes and appreciate all the designers out there who invested their time and research to create such beautiful interiors.

Because it’s everything you need to have and it delivers too. No doubt, Supercar Blondie named it right, then the world’s most luxurious interior and yes it is.

Source: Motor1

The moment you enter, you notice that the whole interior is covered with premium quality leather that gives you a smooth feeling. Even the handles are even covered with leather as well.

Source: Motor1

In front of the driver seat, you get a 12.8-inch large infotainment screen, leather-covered stylish steering wheel, and a 12.3-inch gauge cluster.

One more thing you might notice is that led screen light glowing around the interior and it adds some great lightning as well.

Source: Motor1

The main enjoyment begins at the back of the passenger seat where all the luxurious gadgets you can utilize. There’s a lot of room in the back with the cozy back seats that give you real comfort and that’s where the real Maybach 2022 experience begins.

One of the most eye-catching things, when you get to the back seat, is the amount of ambient lighting in the back that looks super cool.

You get an iPhone charger dock, cup holders, and a front, entertainment screen to enjoy your ride.




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