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Grand Reveal! BMW i4 M40 Real Meaning Of Electric Car



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After waiting almost two years, BMW has finally got the time to reveal this beauty. Fully electric grand coupe that delivers exceptional features in this piece of glamour.

Source: BMW Pakistan

There’s no shame in admitting that BMW has begun 2022 with a bang and making their competitors worry about the upcoming years.

Because they are fully focusing on the future and not taking a break from it. If you might remember in 2020, BMW brought a concept futuristic car that holds the fully electric idea.

BMW i4 concept car, remember? So, today it’s a great privilege to show you the real BMW i4 with the grand reveal.

Source: Coarprice

It all happened because of one girl, who fled to LA and made this possible. One of the most popular YouTubers “Supercar Blondie” got this moment to reveal the BMW i4 and check out its unique features.

BMW i4 has some special identity that it separates from other BMWs in the market. So, it’s time to dig in and have a closer look at this electric grand coupe BMW 2022.

BMW i4 Grand Reveal & Cool Features

Originally this edition is called “BMW i4 E-Drive 40” and there’s something that shows you it’s different. It’s the blue color on the grill and on the bottom of the door.

Source: YouTube

It tells you that it’s fully electric and which is amazing. The detailing in the design looks premium and gives you a luxurious vibe no doubt about that.

One of the coolest features of this car is that there are three different ways to get into this car. First is the traditional one, second through your BMW app and third, there’s a card that has a unlock symbol to perform unlock doors.

Source: Motor1

There are going to be two different versions of the i4 of course. It’s the E-Drive 40 as mentioned above and their M version is called “BMW i4 M50”.

The front BMW laser lights look epic and totally go with the color contrast of the car. Okay, if you have seen the BMW i3, compare to that it’s longer and the company went with the audience’s review.

Because i3 didn’t create much impact, people wanted the traditional design of BMW and that’s why they decided to make something classy with electricity.

Source: BMW Seattle

The backside also looks great and exceptional in every manner. When it comes to speed, this car has around 340 Horsepower and is in the M version.

It got 540 horsepower which is insane. Now time to step in and check out the reality of the electric i4.

BMW i4 Interior and features

The moment you step in, the first thing you notice is the interior design, and its fully futuristic.

Source: BMW Blog

Another thing to notice is the brand new curve screen almost 15 inches long. Inside you see some glimpse or usage of blue color as mentioned to remind you that it’s a fully electric car.

Source: Newsbeezer

The most important thing, the turning on sound and off the sound of the BMW i4 car is composed by none other than maestro Hans Zimmer and he’s composing more in the future as well.

Down bottom beside the seat you see the trademark BMW I that let you know I stands for electric which you mainly see in every electric or hybrid BMW.




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