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Electric & Crystal Clear! BMW i4 Concept Car



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BMW one of the most popular and celebrated automobile companies in the world always surprises their fans out there. Just like other car companies produce some rare supercars, BMW also fill herself in the race and had produced some exceptional ones.

Source: CNET

Although, BMW cars are expensive, but do you know there’s BMW gold edition exist which holds some futuristic approach. This year, BMW already produced marvelous cars and along with that they also introduced the concept “I4 BMW” which looks incredible in design.

I 4 BMW grabs the center of attention with its design, main highlight gold color, and high future functional elements. Supercar Blondie one of the most popular YouTubers got the privilege to review this incredible concept car.

Source: CNET

With the unique design and color somehow BMW didn’t lose its charm and maintained its essence differently.

BMW I4 Concept Car – Exterior

First and foremost the design of the car looks outstanding in every manner. There’s no way you can avoid the attractive new design different from the usual ones. What you are seeing 85% of it will be going in the production of the car.

Source: Ccarprice

One of the most important things, this is the fully electric car, up till now BMW produced only one electric car in the market and that’s i3. It’s different from the i3 because i4 is a grand coupe with more space kind of family car.

Now it comes to the coolest thing about this car, BMW officially teamed up with the famous composer Hans Zimmer to create a unique sound for this car and the reason it’s an electric car and to get proper sound is required to be different.

Source: Supercars

The front side looks different than the usual one, with a new grille design with the blue accents on the corners of the grill and you get to see more blue accents around the electric features of the car.

The backside of the car looks sleek in design, sort of giving you a coupe vibe with a little bit of tweak and backlights. Heartbeat-shaped back thin lights.

Source: Autocar

The wheels were also developed especially for i4 and the design does justice to it. The features on the wheel will make the tyres lightweight and more aerodynamic.

BMW i4 concept car also can produce v8 engine horsepower and it’s super fast. Earlier in January, BMW already introduced a concept car to the original 3.0 CSL race car.

BMW i4 Concept Car – Future Interior

Now let’s head to the interior, one of the coolest things in the interior is the use of crystals. Those tiny details on the door buttons and toggles are covered with crystal.

Source: Motor1

In front of you, there’s a long infotainment screen that exhibits every detail and information for you. Curved in design with the touch screen feature. You can put this car in three different drive modes too such as efficient, core, and sport.

Each mode has its interior light color, in sport mode, everything from door light and infotainment screen gets into red mode.

Source: Google

The seats also look premium and stylish as BMW didn’t compromise in the style and trendy elements.

You also get to see the little crystal feature on the steering wheel as well along with the new BMW logo in the mid.

As said, 85 percent of the elements in the car will be used in real production and it’s going to be epic.




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