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Practical Beast! Range Rover Defender 2020



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In the world of SUVs, there are tons of cars introduced and more to come. But there’s only one in the market that can deliver everything to their respective customers.

Source: The Economic Times

Range Rover is one of the premium SUV makers in the market. It has delivered some of the iconic SUVs that attracted people all over the place.

There’s no doubt, sports athletes, celebrities everyone desire to keep one of the most expensive Range Rovers in their garage.

Source: Motor1

It offers every luxury element when it comes to SUVs and it has all the functionality to offer as well. Range Rover is competing with full comfort.

It’s the quarter of 2020 and Range Rover decided to give you a big surprise to defend you. Yes! Range Rover Defender, gives you the full experience of Range rover with some of the coolest features ever.

Range Rover Defender – Ready to defend

First of all, Range Rover Defender comes in three different versions first is the “Defender” with two doors, then you first edition where you four doors and then you get X edition which also has four doors as well.

Source: Motor1

Supercar Blondie one of the most popular supercar reviewers got the leverage to review the first edition of Range Rover Defender. And guess what?

The first edition of Defender cost you around 96,000 dollars which is insane in every manner. The first defender that came into the production line was back in 2016, so people are eagerly waiting for it.

The design of the car looks premium and fantastic. Because it’s muscular and big. In terms of design, they changed it and went with a modern look instead of sticking with the old box one. Range Rover Defender isn’t your old luxurious Range Rover model at all. They designed the car for practicality.

Source: Motor1 UK

The front side looks great nothing fancy at all. The same goes with the back, one big wheel and on the top of the car, you see a back view camera.

The taillights also give you a boxy look that square element and it goes with the design perfectly. Last year, Range Rover disclosed the concept of their new futuristic SUV that’s going to be released in 2021.

Source: YouTube

Range Rover Defender – Interior

When it comes to the interior, the designers focused on practical design features. That’s the difference it doesn’t fall on the court of luxurious Range Rover. One of the interesting features of the defender is that the rearview mirror can be switched into the back view with a single clip.

Source: YouTube

Although they also used some premium leather on seats, dashboard and the use of rubber as well. The rubber material will allow you to keep any stuff on it rather than copper which slides the key and other stuff.

The infotainment screen lets you go through every digital feature especially the 360 camera car view that allows you to see the exterior of the car even the trees with real details.

No doubt, Range Rover Defender isn’t a normal one, it’s a fully practical-based SUV and can handle damage easily.




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