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Hydrogen Powered Supercar! Hyperion XP – 1



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The future is here, up till now we have seen electric cars that grabbing everyone’s attention for being more sufficient and ironic.

But the Hyperion-named company changed the picture for those who believe in the future and its development.

Source: FuelCells

We all have thought or say heard of water cars right? But now you get to see in real produced by Hyperion known as “Hyperion XP1” and it purely runs on hydrogen.

Not only that the exterior design also holds some great features that we look at in a minute and explore the beauty of Hyperion XP 1.

Source: Motor1

Undoubtedly the XP 1 goes with the name as it’s beyond our imagination and crosses every limit of producing a supercar.

Hyperion XP 1 – Water Firing Hyper Car

Hyperion XP 1 comes with high-end technology which is developed by NASA and it’s crazy. Looking at the exterior, there’s one thing that everyone notices and it’s the air blade that wraps around the car.

Source: Motor1

The air blade holds two cool things, first, it helps in aerodynamics, and from to end, it’s solar panels.

Yes! There’s no designing in it, it’s the solar panels that absorb all the sunlight energy in the daytime to power the electronics inside the car.

Source: Motor1

The air blade moves as well for better aerodynamics and so moving around the corners the blade independently moves.

At the back side where the engine is stored, you get to see the cool machine that stores water vapor with blue lightening and it looks brilliant.

Source: Motor1

Now get ready for the most insane thing about this car it produces over 2,000 horsepower. Like can you believe it? A hydrogen-running supercar can produce 2000 horsepower, it’s legit the future.

Hyperion XP 1 looks even cooler when you open both doors and just stand aside to enjoy the futuristic supercar experience.

Source: Motor1

On the front bottom, you get two little inlets for air or oxygen. The reason behind the way it looks is, that this is a hydrogen molecule and you get to see many hydrogen references in the design manner.

On the side way, you get the oxygen intakes in the same design but it doesn’t work in the way as usual supercar does.

Hyperion XP 1 – Interior

Just like the super cool exterior, there’s no way you get the random standard interior with no futuristic element inside the car.

Source: Motor1

The first thing you notice is the cut-off steering wheel, which is unique and new compare to regular ones. Besides you get the massive infotainment screen and it’s also different as well.

The seats are bucket supercar ones with comfort and inside you get a spacious environment rather than a cluttered one.

Source: Supercar Blondie

But things get even more exciting when you start this gorgeous-looking supercar because it feels like a movie in future cars with the sound and A. I bot speaking while gearing up the power.  

It can be considered as a rare supercar because in 2022 some of the greatest rarest supercars were revealed and Aston Martin’s Valkyrie was known to the world as the ultra-rarest in the vehicle world.




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