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“World’s Fastest Saloon” Bentley Flying Spur



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Bentley has got everything to offer to their customers out there. They are pumped up to produce some insane cars for their loyal drivers out there. Bentley is one of those cars that has produced some marvelous supercars which grabbed attention to detail.

Source: Motor 1

Last year, Bentley introduced EXP 100 GT that delivered exceptional performance and it took the market to the next level. But this year Bentley decided to do something unique and out of their comfort zone.

Source: Pak Wheels

They pushed themselves in every manner from design to performance. Their new 2020 car “Bentley Flying Spur” raised the bar of expectations produced something that falls in a supercar with some style.

Bentley Flying Spur – Design Takes Everything

Bentley Flying Spur’s design from front to back takes your breath away and you cannot stop appreciating the designers for this marvelous work.

Source: Motor 1

One of the coolest things on the Bentley Flying Spur is the headlights, if you get closer it looks like crystal lights and has a very unusual design. Bentley’s work on the headlights looks exceptional and they have been working on headlights to give the futuristic look.

And then the on the front you the flying bee mascot which looks impressive with the crystal wings and the details on it speechless.

One of the interesting facts that Supercar Blondie revealed it’s the fastest saloon in the world. Supercar Blondie one of the famous Youtubers got the leverage to review this beautiful and superfast car in the world.

Plus, it has a top speed of 330 kilometers per hour and that’s top-notch speed. It’s strange because its weight is like a beast compared to other lightweight supercars out there.

Source: YouTube

It got a W12 engine with a six-liter twin-turbo which enables the car to produce 625 horsepower which is incredible and insane.

The back of this saloon looks classy with the sleek design and Bentley badge in the middle that has the button incorporated to open the back boot.

Source: Autocar

One thing, this car is superfast but along with that Bentley offers the luxury inside the car that every car lover wants to have.

Bentley Flying Spur – Interior That’s What Matter

Bentley Flying Spur’s interior is premium and exclusive with the leathering details and some of the coolest features they added in.

Source: Motortrend

First, take a deep breath and look at the car seat stitching design, if that doesn’t make you fall in love with the interior then better check yourself up.

In the back area, the passenger also gets the feel of luxury and experience it. With having a detachable infotainment screen that allows them to control the car’s functionality and keep it as they like to have it.

Source: Motor Actu

Let’s come to the front side, you see the large panel going from one end to another behind the steering wheel. There’s a button to push it and it flicks out the infotainment screen which looks super cool. Plus, if you press that button again you get to see the speed meter and other dials.

The leather all over the interior makes the car super luxurious and fancy in every manner. Even the steering wheel is also covered with premium leather that gives you this world feeling.

Bentley Flying Spur undoubtedly offers everything that a supercar lover wants and it also took great care of those too who want luxury too.




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