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McLaren 720s Fury Superfast Car Ready For The Road



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McLaren is the best in producing supercars with the look that attracts the drivers out there. McLaren didn’t leave a single opportunity to stun the people out there with their new product that focused on super fast speed.

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No doubt, McLaren does come on the list of best supercars of all time and it deserves to be there. A few weeks ago, McLaren revealed something that had blown people’s minds in terms of everything design, speed, and power.

Source: AutoEvolution

They produced an extraordinary piece with a unique name that goes with it perfectly. “McLaren 720s Fury” is something that everyone should see whether if you are not a supercar lover too.

McLaren 720s Fury-

The most important element in McLaren’s 720s Fury is the design. It’s a beast in look no matter from what angle you are looking at it.

Supercar Blondie got the privilege to have this beast and review it which she did brilliantly along with her team.

Source: YouTube

The front side of the car looks impressive that has a shark resemblance and fun fact the whole look of the car is inspired by the shark that’s why there’s a shark logo not McLaren on the car.

At the rear side, there’s a new diffuser with the additional upgrade to engine cover trims and one interesting thing is that it has rear wings with two fins.

Source: Manhart

According to the Top car on the rear wings, “they are a reference to the company’s logo, which depicts a shark.”

So, it looks like the appearance package comes in with around 50 components. As mentioned, it’s a supercar it is because it has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that pushes out 720 PS (710 HP / 529 kW).  Isn’t it impressive at all?

McLaren 720s Fury- What’s Inside

Inside McLaren 720s Fury you cannot expect something ordinary or simple. Because after watching the exterior, there’s more expectation build up regarding the interior of the car.

Source: Carscoop

The moment you step into the car, it’s a whole new world with premium seat leather and advanced functionality that requires nowadays.

The seat looks like a full-on sporty one with the proper design and quality of material used to make it. The infotainment screen also looks cool with the motion sensor element that allows your key holder to recognize you.


On the steering wheel finally, there’s a McLaren logo which looks great in the middle of the steering wheel.

The Steering wheel also went with the sporty look and looks decent. There’s no high-end interior you get to see because it looks like they tried to keep it simple but still gives an extremely supercar feel.

McLaren 720s Fury has become one of the most expensive supercars the moment it got launched. Because it grabbed every attention to detail and attracted supercar lovers to invest in it.




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