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“Facial Recognition & Advanced Technological Car”-Renault Morphoz



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Renault is one of the finest car manufacturers in the world, known for their superfast cars especially in F1.

Renault has earned a name in Formula One world, but not only that apart from F1 Renault is always known for producing unique futuristic cars that no one can ever produce.

Source: F1

This time Renault crossed every limit of producing a car that holds every aspect of the future.

From design to performance to interior design everything it’s not just the future of the car, but it’s a luxurious car. Renault Morphoz, an SUV that transforms into something like never before.

Source: Pocket-Lint

The design, speed, and interior luxurious style describe everything. This year so many other conceptual and futuristic cars were revealed. But none of them could pull off the way Renault did.

Last year, Renault already launched EZ-ULTIMO autonomous mobility that gives a splendid experience.

Enough talking, it’s better to get inside and look clearly at what makes Renault Morphoz a premium and exclusive car.

Renault Morphoz- Something You Cannot Expect

First, just have a moment and appreciate the designers on how elegantly they designed this car. With one button, you can get the elongated version of the same car.

Source: YouTube

Renault is thinking futuristic, that’s why they are planning to have their platforms where Renault Morphoz will be stopped, and automatically your battery pack will be placed into the car.

The front section extends about 25cm which is insane.

It will help you in gaining more power and extra range. Isn’t it cool? But it’s not over yet, on the back the same thing happens, that it extends which gives you more room to back seat passengers and allows you to fit more suitcases.

Also, the back extends about 15cm too.

Source: Concept Carz

On the back, red long taillight gives you full-on luxury vibes and even the color combination also looks superb. To give full A. I look and the futuristic approach it has facial recognition along with the gesture control system too.

These two elements are the only ways to get inside the car, not kidding if you don’t believe it, then check out Supercar Blondie who demonstrated the whole thing.

Once you open the door, all eyes get stuck on the interior color combination I mean black, silver, and then Renault’s very own yellow lemon color. This surely takes the whole show of the evening.

Renault Morphoz- Heaven Inside

The floors are made up of recycled yogurt cups, which is interesting. Even the seats aren’t fixed on the floor, it’s floating, and once your car is extended the front passenger seat flips, and turns into a back passenger seat.

Source: Auto Car India

To have an infotainment screen, you need to place your phone on a sideboard that will suck your phone in and recognizes it to allow you to use the front screen.

Source: Business Insider

What’s more exciting is the steering wheel? Like it’s not liked an ordinary or sporty steering wheel. It’s different with the lights internally embed with some features.

Renault took every inspiration from movies, sci-fi and placed it in one place. Because this car isn’t something an ordinary man can own.

It’s fully future A. I have proven car, it’s fast and luxurious. It can be said, that Renault is believing in the future and working for it too.




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