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Big Major Upgrade! Toyota Supra Special Edition



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Toyota looks like has made the plan to capture the supercar world with its new high-performance supercars.

The way they are shifting their gears from being daily drivers to being speed focus creates excitement in the vehicle world.

Source: Ccarprice

Looking at the high demand and increase in supercar enthusiasts out there they are back with another 2023 model that’s going to blow your mind.

Toyota Supra (Manual), it’s purely different from the current model you might not have seen because as mentioned this one is a manual transmission.

Source: Motor1

Toyota brought to life supra, but it’s been automatic only until now. And this one is super fast which exhibits the true meaning of upgrade.

The manual transmission Toyota Supra has some great features that must be highlighted.

Toyota Supra Manual 2023 – Exterior & Specs

“Supra” an iconic sports brand back in the decades and now it’s here. A few years back when Toyota revived the Supra, it became the center of attention because of its hype and it grabbed a great market.

Source: Motor1

It has a lot of great benefits but also holds some downsides and the biggest one was not having a manual transmission.

But now it’s here and you can get supra with three pedals and some other changes have been done which we are going to check it out.

One of the most interesting things is that if you know supra is largely a BMW underneath and most of the mechanical components in this car comes from BMW.

Source: Motor1

It also means that the gear also comes from that area that we are going to talk about it further in this piece.

For the performance lovers out there it’s not for you, because the manual is not faster, not more efficient it’s just people’s want and that’s why Toyota is working on it.

Source: Motor1

This model is the special limited edition called a91mt and it’s different from the standard one.

Even the wheels are gunmetal ones that distinguish themselves from the regular ones out there. According to Toyota “the revised supra model has stability control and traction control intended for better performance.”

Source: Motor1

The front and back look great in design manner. At the back, you get the red supra badge in the mid that indicates that you are driving a special edition and the front design looks sporty.

Toyota has recently launched Yaris GR, especially for the rally championship, and purely designed for track purposes.

Toyota Supra Manual 2023 – Interior

Inside the Supra, you get to see the manual transmission and there is a six-speed manual which you can clearly see on the gear lever.

Source: Motor1

Toyota not only just installed the manual transmission, but they have also done some other things inside the car and that’s the manual gear console which has been widened.

Talking about the comfort while driving, supra has got premium seats with the top-notch leather material which looks incredible and purely goes with the interior color combination.

Source: Motor1

The brown leather is used in the special edition and that’s the only going to be offered in this version.

The same type of leather you get to see on the steering wheel also has some functional buttons and nothing more.

Source: Motor1

It surely gives you the vibe of a BMW, because everything is BMW when it comes to the interior of this car.




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