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Sporty Sedan! Audi S3 2022 Edition



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Audi has been entertaining their precious customers with insane supercars for more than a decade.

They have covered every class of cars and gave their customers what they wanted. This year Audi has already introduced the S8 edition, which is considered one of the most luxurious and high-performance supercars.

Source: Carscoops

But Audi didn’t stop there, they have come again with another model that’s a fun sporty sedan edition. Audi S3 has everything to offer with the new design from the previous S3 model and all-wheel drive.

Source: Carsales

The design-wise it doesn’t have any fancy elements that make it stand out, its usual Audi Sedan version with a little sporty vibe. One of the famous YouTubers Douge Demaru has got the leverage to review it in detail.

There are some major upgrades or say changes you might see that we are going to look around in a while.

Audi S3 Sporty Sedan – Exterior & Performance

Audi S3 is all-new, fully redesigned for the 2022 model year, and if you don’t know it’s based on Audi A3. Fun fact, it’s the sporty one that doesn’t have killer specs, but if you want high performance then go with Audi RS3 but it’s not out yet.

Source: Forbes

But it’s not that slow, it has over 300 horsepower precise of 306 using the very same turbo four-cylinder you will find in the Volkswagen Golf R.

Talking about the exterior design, it’s a pure sedan that always. In the back, you don’t get enough space to store your items.

Another feature you get at the back is the quad exhaust, four exhausts make the look of it sporty in every manner. Unlike other exhaust pipes, these four pipes are connected.

Source: Carbuzz

The backlights also look impressive and the way turn signals it indicates looks great. Now come to the front part, where you get to see the big black grill with the Audi badge and new headlights.

Source: Carbuzz

If you look at the Audi S3 from the side view, it’s quite impressive and appealing with a subtle touch. Even they have claimed that the wheels are Audi sport, which is also labeled on side of the wheel.

Audi S3 Sporty Sedan – Interior

The interior of the Audi S3 gives you the vibe of high quality very modern and luxurious. But still, there is plenty of room where Audi could have gone with much better material.

Source: Carbuzz

Like Dashboard that gives you cheap vinyl material feel when you touch it.

Same thing on the interior of the door that gives you a plastic vinyl feel. But on the other hand, there are some great things to notice as well. The first seats, look amazing with quilted stitched leather and you get some nice trim in place.

Source: Forbes

The steering wheel also covers the same area with the interior classy color tone. You also get the infotainment screen that has a fixed climate control setup and beneath the screen, you get functional buttons for their respective activity.

Audi S3 Sporty Sedan surely falls in a luxury car but not with high-end specs. Still, you get the option to get RS3 which will be out by end of summer or fall according to the Audi.




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