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3D Printed Supercar! Czinger 21C



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You might have heard or seen 3D-printed action figures and other high-end items that are made out of them.

But have you ever thought of having a 3D printed hypercar and it’s going to be fast? No right, neither we did but it happened in reality.

Source: Motor Authority

No doubt the supercar world is astonishing and full of surprises. With the endless rare supercars, one company decided to create something unique and grab everyone’s attention.

Source: Motor Authority

Believe it or not, they indeed did and introduced “Czinger 21C”. Czinger 21C is one of the rarest cars on the planet because its parts are 3d printed and incredible.

Source: Bangkok Post

The company is only going to make 80 of these cars in the world. No one has ever thought of installing 3D printed parts in the car to save weight.

Apart from 3d printed parts, there are other features that are worth checking out.

Czinger 21C – 3D printed Parts, Exterior & Performance

Czinger 21C looks incredible and beautiful. For those who don’t know this car is purely performance-based.

Even the way the car’s doors open looks insane and ridiculous. Fun fact, none of the parts of the car feels a heavyweight, even while closing the door it’s lighter than you expect.

Source: Motor Authority

The front design looks sick with the massive lip down below and looks like carbon fiber is used on it.

But if you move backward and look closely at the front side of the car one thing you might notice. This car’s front design resembles an LMP Race Car and this design goes with the CZinger 21C.

Source: Motor Authority

You get the Zinger logo on the bonnet, and on each side, you get to see the round oval kind of shaped massive headlights.

Source: Motor Authority

Before heading to the back of the car, there’s something important to tell you guys. So, this car has 1250 HP, you heard me right that’s the exact number. And it’s because of the car weight which is 1250 KG and it’s unbelievable.

Source: Motor Authority

Now heading back and look at that. You get bees net kind of caged design back there and behind there you get to see the Twin Turbo engine V8 with the two exhausts in the middle and big rear wing, which goes with the car’s overall design.

Source: Ccarprice

Talking about the rarest cars, this year, in the beginning, Lamborghini also introduced one of the rarest supercars “The Centenario Roadster”.

Czinger 21C – Incredible Interior

The interior also looks amazing with the one driver space in the car and the front side don’t have words to explain it.

Source: Behance

This hypercar has a fighter jet cock pit with comfortability with an incredible design overall.

One thing needs to be clear, it’s the pre-production car and there might be several changes will be made.

Source: MotorTrivia

Like this steering wheel, it’s going to be slightly different after the pre-production process, the front screen will be changed as well and now it clearly gives the vibe of the planned steering wheel.




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