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Faster Than Lamborghini! First Electric GMC Hummer EV



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No chance big cars are leaving the space of electric vehicles because the demands are rising and automakers are introducing some of the hyped big electric vehicles.

Source: The Verge

In the past years, many big vehicles have shifted their gears towards the electric side and produced something for their precious customers.

last year Hummer introduced the concept of the world’s first electric Super truck, which was an insanely fast and super hyped car.

Source: Empow’Her

But in 2022, they have decided to come back and dominate with superpower car. Yeah! No kidding, we give you GMC Hummer EV, the first electric vehicle and it’s faster than Lamborghini.

You heard it right, it’s insanely faster than the supercar Lamborghini and it’s huge as well. The exterior looks enormous as of course its Hummer, but apart from that this one is all about performance no doubt.

Source: Motor1

For those who might be thinking, it’s the same one you mentioned above so it’s not and both are different. The model mentioned above is set to launch in 2024.

There is a lot to talk about this beast, from performance, features, exterior, and interior design. So, without wasting any more time, let’s roll it.

GMC HUMMER EV – Beast Mode Performance & Exterior

Hummer has always been one of the coolest and big cars in the vehicle world. Knowing that going full electric might create a big impact on others, that’s the reason they introduced GMC Hummer EV and it has everything to offer.

Source: Motor1

First thing first, performance as mentioned it’s insanely faster than Lamborghini and it’s true. Get ready, because the stats and horsepower might blow your mind.

The new pickup is quite the beast, with up to 1000 horsepower from its top powertrain option, which uses three electric motors, offers an estimated range of 329 miles per charge, and a leap to 60 mph in a claimed 3.0 seconds.

Source: Motor1

Calling it a beast would be an understatement and it’s surely faster than Lamborghini. With that, it has some great features which include, removable roof panels, an optional adjustable air suspension, and the coolest four-wheel steering feature that allows you to drive “crab” sideways diagonally which Serge did at the beginning of the video.

Yeah! Supercar blondie one of the coolest car reviewers got the privilege to review this monstrous beast.

Source: Motor 1

Talking about the exterior and when you look at it from a side view it’s wider. The front kind of looks the same as the above-mentioned model and it’s super aggressive. One of the coolest things about the front headlights is the daytime running lights.

Source: Motor 1

You also notice the H symbol in the front headlights and also back taillights. In short, you notice this symbol everything inside-outside everywhere.

GMC HUMMER EV – Beast Interior

The interior of the GMC Hummer EV especially the front side looks super spacious in every way. Inside you get four individual glass panels and the two-color tone panda kind of looks great.

The seats front and back are premia with a comfortable design. More importantly inside you get a lot of room to spread out your legs.

Source: YouTube

The steering wheel also gives you the usual Hummer vibe with a solid grip and some functional buttons. Otherwise, the GMC Hummer EV is one of the superfast and crazy off-road car electrics produced in 2022.




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