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It Does Exist! – Devel 16 High Performance & Incredible Design



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When it comes to supercars which are incredibly high performance and crazy fast we always think of elite automakers out there.

And there’s no issue with it because they have created their market with the dominance of more than a decade.

Source: Carscoop

But in that shadow, we almost forget some of the rarest sports cars that exist in the world. We all know some companies do invest in making an impressive car that looks unique, performs differently, and delivers the best outcome.

Source: Motor1

That’s what today we are bringing to you, the very first production “Devel 16” one of the most insane-looking and craziest sportscars ever to exist in the vehicle world. It’s a car that no one, like no one thought would exist in reality.

Source: Road and Track

Four years ago, the Devel 16 concept car was introduced, but it never came out due to various reasons and media took the advantage of it. Now it’s real, fully functional and it’s the first one ever made till now.

Devel 16 – From Concept To Reality

One of the biggest YouTubers in the world Supercar Blondie got the privilege to review this impressive sports car. Devel 16 surely fulfills every criterion of a sportscar, from design to performance everything seems premium.

Source: Carscoop

In this amazing masterpiece, some great coolest features make her stand out from others in the vehicle world. First and foremost, the performance. All the track racers and sportscar enthusiasts desperately want to know the Horsepower and other things.

Behind under the hood, you get to see the long engine bay and it’s something you have never seen before in any sportscar.

Source: Youtube

It has the purpose because this car has been designed to have a V16 the only car to have that in the world.

Source: Top Gear Nederland

So as of now, it’s the first production vehicle and it’s been already sold out. This first model with the V8 is targeting a top speed of 249 mph (400 km/h) so even with half the cylinders, it’s not slow by any means.

Apart from the performance, the exterior looks incredible and it’s massive in size. It’s 5.3 meters long and it’s super awesome.

Even the wheels are also redesigned completely compare to the concept car, you get 22 inches back and 21 inches up front. On the front, you get them down on the middle of the bonnet DEVEL badge.

Source: Carbuzz

With the sleek cut on each side, the headlights look incredible and perfect in the design.

On the back, you get to see the two massive exhausts surrounded by the cover for the purpose to split flames and protect people from those flames.

Source: Carbuzz

The backlight gives a very aggressive look and goes with the design. Talking about rarest cars, last month 3D printed super car CZinger 21C was revealed and it was insane in every way from speed to design.

Devel 16 – Sporty Interior

One of the interesting things about the interior is that if you are a supercar lover then you might observe the interior looks similar to Corvette.

Source: Youtube

Devel 16 borrowed some of the interior elements from them such as the infotainment system and steering wheel. The blue and black color combination interior look impressive and stylish.

Source: Youtube

Apart from these everything in this car is original and authentic. The seats look incredibly comfortable with the premium design and anyone can fit in them.




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