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Upgrade & Futuristic! Edison Future’s EF1-T



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2021 looks like the year of electric trucks because there have been a lot of futuristic electric trucks out there and more to come. In a recent auto show event where futuristic cars have been revealed a new electric truck joined the race.

Source: Esiznews

This electric truck managed to hit the sweet futuristic spot and go beyond the limits. It’s fully solar power-assisted and that’s insane. This incredible electric truck was made by Edison Future and it’s called EF1-T.

Unique name, right? It has to be because of the way it functions and the coolest features Edison Future offered no one can avoid. In a designed manner some of you might get a reference from Elon Musk’s cybertruck, but guess what not really.

Source: New Scientist

The design is also exceptional with the unique front light animation that covers the model’s name and its great.

So, how about let’s have a look from outside and inside to witness the newest solar power-assisted truck.

Edison Future’s EF1-T – What a truck!

The design looks powerful and gives you beast vibes. The front light animation steals the whole show and creates a new environment.

Supercar Blondie once again made it possible to review or say give a little glimpse of future Solar Power Assisted electric trucks.

The front lights are designed in such a way that each time it animates it showcases the name of the car model and that look epic. In front, you won’t see any exhaust grill or fancy design because it’s different from any other electric truck out there.

Source: Autoevolution

The tyres are also huge, 37-inch tyres even bigger than bronco sasquatch which has 35-inch tyres. Another interesting thing that you won’t normally see in a truck is camera side-view mirrors which look cool.

Source: Autoweek

Now the backside looks more impressive because the roof retracts as it can be both truck and cyber truck sort of vehicle too. And the roof has also solar panels which are great especially in Dubai.

Source: Esioznews

Looking at the recent electric truck GMC Hummer Super Truck both have touched the futuristic approach and went with a different path.

Just like the exterior, the interior isn’t the usual one. You might witness something unusual and different from other trucks.

Edison Future’s EF1-T

The moment you open the door you get the automated footstep comes out and there you see three seats in front and three at the back.

Source: Carscoops

Yes! You heard it right, three seats in front with the premium quality leather and a quite decent color combination.

In the back you get the same three seats up on the roof you see the same panel again as well.

Source: EZ News World

You get a 17.5-inch display in front and other small monitors inside the car everywhere. On either left and right sides, you get a display monitor for a side view camera mirror.

The steering wheel is pretty simple and the same with the same color leather in the middle.

Can Edison Future’s EF1-T beat the upcoming electric trucks? That’s the big question, the whole new review is still left and insights.




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