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Whole New Design! BMW XM Concept Car Revelation



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BMW is one of the most influential and popular car companies in the market. They have been producing some insane supercars and SUVs for the audience so they can feel the speed rhythm.

In 2021, BMW has been doing great and till now they have produced great supercars.

Source: BMW

BMW even headed towards the future and introduced BMW I Vision which grabbed a lot of attention.

But as 2021 comes to an end, BMW decided to end this year with the bang and they revealed the most expensive BMW ever made.

Source: Motor1

BMW XM and it’s out of this world. The new design they revealed will be featured in upcoming 2022 BMW cars and looks insane.

BMW allowed none other than Supercar Blondie to give a full review on their newest concept car. 90% of the design will be used in the actual production of the car and that’s incredible.

BMW XM Concept Car – What a new design!

It’s great to see BMW taking a different approach and deciding to change their design of the cars. BMW XM’s design looks legit expensive as you will witness the matte metal bronze gold that gives you warm color and along with that black glossy and space grey.

Source: Top Gear

In a color contrast manner, BMW XM takes everything. They not only redesigned the front side, but also the backside of the car. They designed a whole new backside with new taillights and most important thing twin twilight exhaust for the first time in BMW.

They even got inspiration from their old iconic mid-engine BMW M1 for the back logo placement.

Source: YouTube

Fun fact, XM will be the first-ever standalone car in the M series since the M1 car was ever produced. BMW knows how to attract people and play with their deep-down car emotions.

The car will go into production next year, which marks 50 years of BMW went into motorsport.

Source: BMW Blog

Another cool thing about XM is that it’s the first time the M model gets the advantage of a hybrid experience. It has V8 and one electric motor with the combination they produce unimaginable 750 Horsepower. Believe it or not, it’s madness for an SUV.

With these specs and features no doubt, it’s entering the world of super high-performance level and super luxury-level cars.

BMW XM -Time for some interior

Exterior has just overhyped the expectations and leveled up the bar. Okay, the designers said that the whole car was inspired by a ROCKSTAR. The moment you open up the door you see the essence of it.

Source: Verge

Vintage leather on front seats and it looks epic in every way. None of the automobile companies have done this before using vintage leather in a brand-new car. You also get to see the carbon fiber and even on the steering wheel that same leather material used.

Source: Autoblog

The back seat is fully focused on comfort and designed based on backstage. Even the seat leather is premium and different. But one thing that steals the show is the ceiling of the car that looks incredible.




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