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“The Real Future Is Here” BMW I Vision Circular Supercar



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Every automaker is doing their experiment to produce the future car. Some are even pushing their limits further to create unique and out-of-the-box for their fans out there.

Supercars and their future are near. Just like other cars, BMW is also stepping into the world of future cars and no doubt BMW is progressing gradually.

Source: Motor Trend

This year already BMW is booming with the new automobiles they have launched which got the center of attention in every manner. BMW M3 Competition 2021 and now they have the supercar of the future.

Yes! As mentioned above BMW is legit entering into the future cars and they have taken a step further by revealing the supercar of the future “BMW I Vision Circular” that’s what it’s called.

Source: Motor1

BMW I Vision Circular is the supercar of the future in every manner from design to performance and it will show the alternate V8 engine that will make a future car superfast.

By the look and everything, it does belong to the future car, but is this a considerable supercar of the future?

BMW I Vision Circular-Supercar Of The Future

One of the fun facts about this supercar is that it’s made out of recycling materials and it’s true. The whole body of the car is made out of those recycled materials that can be used in making. This car only used only 12 different materials to get ready.

Source: Auto Express

One thing, it’s hard to get the full review of the BMW I Vision Circular, but Supercar Blondie is always there to review any possible car.

Instead of using more material BMW also focused on reducing too, just like they did in front light where they kept one single lane in which bright lights you can see. Even the BMW logo is also crafted on the material instead of sticking the colored one.

Source: BMW USA

Even on tyres, there’s 100% recycled rubber used on them. Plus, you can customize your door lights in the future which is the coolest thing.

The back looks premium with a purplish color effect, it fades from silvery gold to purple which looks incredibly awesome.

Source: Motor1

Again, used the light-led BMW logo on the back, and just like in front on back there’s a long panel of backlight instead of separation.

BMW I Vision Circular-Unimaginable Interior

As mentioned above, BMW wants to produce future cars and they mean it. Because the moment you step into the car, you enter into the future. You don’t see the normal dashboard; you see your very own aquarium which response too. 3d printed-shaped purplish colored design takes the whole show.

Source: CNET

The color combination of purple, greyish grabs your whole attention to detail. Another interesting thing is that there’s no separate thing just like nowadays other supercars have.

So, what BMW did they used the windscreen as your infotainment screen. No kidding yes, they did and purpose reduce the material.

Source: Concept Carz

The steering wheel design is the wood everything made out of recycled, you see 3d printed design on the steering wheel too.

BMW’s future supercar concept is undoubtedly one of the best concepts out there. Because it’s unique, the use of material distinguishes itself from others.




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