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“Heading To The Future” Audi Sky Sphere Beyond Expectations



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Automobiles are heading towards the future and automakers are also focusing on creating something related to that. As with everything when it comes to technology people demand such elements which highlight the futuristic approach.

And that’s what nowadays all automaker companies are doing which attracts the people most. Among all of the vehicle manufacturers, Audi has come up with a unique concept and decided to produce an elegant designed futuristic automobile.

Source: Motor1

Yes! Audi Skysphere that’s the name of their new addition of 2021 cars, which looks like a fictional movie car but it’s real and you can drive it too.

This year Audi has already launched the superfast “RS E-Tron GT” which pushes the limit of the speed and lets you enjoy the full sporty feel.

But it looks like Audi wanted to move a step further and involve themselves with others who are also making futuristic cars too.

Source: InsideEVs

How about taking a look at this amazing Audi Skysphere because of the way they gave her a unique name the design and performance also might be distinguished as well.

Audi Skysphere Enter Into Future-Unbelievable Design

There are very less cars that work on their designs to attract the fans out there. But Audi doesn’t disappoint whenever they launch their new car because their unique design steals the show.

The same thing happened with Audi Skysphere just look at this beautiful piece and enjoy it. Although there’s only one person who’s enjoying it and she’s none other than Supercar Blondie.

Audi Skysphere has the coolest features ever that will surely blow your mind. Not kidding, because they have reached another level of producing supercars.

Okay, coming to the design the front side looks incredible, the light show is exceptional in the way it animates around the whole area of lights especially when it’s in autonomous mode.

Source: YouTube

It feels like the car literally breathing and just enjoying if you are not driving but still on.

The car doors have touch sensors to open the door which is one of the coolest features and it opens like suicide doors.

Source: Car Wow

The backside is also looks something like you have never seen before because they have redesigned it and the backlight also has no words to describe it.

Audi Skysphere- Inside The Audi Future

Okay, now the real magic begins because the moment you step inside the car there’s a whole new feeling rush inside of you. As Audi focused on a futuristic approach, so there are no pedals when you keep your car in autonomous mode.

Source: Wallpaper

Full a long display screen and no steering wheel as well. But there’s a big twist coming when you switch to sport mode things get change after all Audi loves to surprise.

The moment you press the sport mode, a steering wheel comes towards you, the infotainment screen also moves towards the driver and gives him/her driving luxury.

Source: YouTube

Whenever you transform from autonomous to sport mode the whole car from interior to exterior both moves in and out.

Audi Skysphere went beyond the expectations and produced something no one saw it coming. Because they showed how luxurious super futuristic cars are made and they did it brilliantly. Audi Sky sphere can be transformed from Grand Tourer to Roadster.




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