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“Still World’s Most Expensive Car” Mercedes 300 SLR



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How are going you to feel to have the most expensive vintage car in your garage? Happy? Excited? That’s what every car lover would be.

There are endless vintage cars out there that created a huge impact on the automobile world in their era but still holds the same power and engine to rush on tracks.

Source: The Indian Express

Among those vintage cars, today we bring you Mercedes most dominant racing car that won every single race in their time.

300 SLR, which was originally made in 1955 and it’s 66 years old. Meaning even after passing decades, this car is premium and faster.

Source: YouTube

Supercar Blondie gave it a tribute for being the most expensive car in the world still, because it’s worth around $100 Million which is insane.

The science behind the name is 300 stands for 300 liters and S for Super, L for Light, and R for Racing.

Before this one, it was a roadster version that won every race of that time. 300 SLR is specially made for racing purposes and not for consumer ones.

Source: Top Speed

Mercedes is doing an exceptional job in the automobile world, they are even coping with the future and releasing concepts of their futuristic electric G-Wagen too.

Time to look around and appreciate the beauty.

Mercedes 300 SLR Vintage Expensive Car

Before looking out the exterior first let’s head inside which looks unique in every manner. Here you don’t get inside the car in the usual way, as it was for racing purpose driving there’s a unique way to sit in it as Supercar Blondie explained brilliantly.

You are witnessing the interior covered with red leather which is done intentionally but not for luxury purposes.

It’s for durability actually when Mercedes explained it. You don’t see any fancy stuff the moment you get in, because it’s a vintage car 66 years old and here you will experience that era.

Source: Wheelsage

There is no infotainment screen, but instead of that, you get a unique toggle to perform some functions that you have mostly seen in old cars.

Fun fact, this car has no seat belt and it has 290 Km/h top speed which is ridiculous and tremendous too.

Mercedes 300 SLR Vintage Exterior

Now it’s time to eye-witness this beautiful vintage car that captures every attention to detail. As it’s simple in design no fancy element, just a plain old decent racing car that’s what attracts the most.

Source: Motor1

Talking about the engine, it has eight cylinders and has more horsepower than f1 cars of that generation.

On the back, you might be thinking of a big space trunk, but now there’s a spare tyres area and a big gigantic fuel pump.

Source: Top Car Ratings

One of the reasons behind 300 SLR being so expensive is that the car was made of magnesium and it cost a lot compared to current carbon fiber.

Another fun fact, this car’s exhaust sound or say engine scream is so loud that the car owner Mr. Ullenhaut sustained permanent ear damage because of the sound of this engine. Now you can imagine the power and sound of 300 SLR.

There’s no denying in admitting that 300 SLR is one of the fastest cars in that era. Being a vintage car, it’s still surprising that it cost around that much.

For vintage car lovers who want to have a racing car in their collection, it’s the perfect one for sure.   




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