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New Brand, Great Models! Vinfast Introduces VF-e35



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Currently, in the car world, you see endless companies who are producing supercars and creating their name in the consumer’s heart. There are numerous well-established supercar companies and no one can match them.

Source: Carbuzz

LA auto show is the hub for new car companies to reveal their outstanding supercars for their new audience. And in this year’s LA auto show some new automobile companies arrived and made a debut in the car world.

Among those, Vinfast stands tall among the others because of its exclusivity. Supercar Blondie got the privilege to witness the grand premiere of two brand new models. “VF e35 and VF e36”. Guess what? Vinfast is fully focused on producing an electric car.

Source: Autoguide

Vinfast is a Vietnam-based automobile company that recently entered the world of supercars. And ultimately, they chose to be in the line of electric futuristic cars.

The exterior design of the car looks incredible and sleek in every manner. But the main model that we are going to cover is none other than the VF e35 that holds everything if you need an electric future car.

Source: Car Expert

Although it’s a smaller model than the e36 and if you move around the car you might feel senses because of the cool features in the car.

Vinfast VF e35 – Smaller but Premium

First of all, let’s appreciate the whole team of Vinfast for creating an exceptional e35 model with a minimalistic look from the outside. The front side looks great with the V badge and the V-shaped lining headlight looks awesome.

Source: YouTube

Right beneath the V headlight, you get two other ones that give a great vibe. Vinfast’s main focus is on creating electric cars and they are competing with the new elite ones.

This car is fully futuristic in every manner because you don’t need to be inside the car if you want your car to be parked at the right place.

Source: Asia’s Tech News

The back of the car looks again plain and simple. The long tail light with the badge in the middle of the backlight.

Fun fact, both of these models hold 400 HP with dual electric motors and they are all-wheel drives.

Vinfast VF e35 – Interior that’s where the magic begins

Let’s hop inside and have a deep look around the interior of the car. The first and most important thing that captures your attention is the seat leather and its premium quality.

Source: izone

In front of you, you get to see the big infotainment screen and other toggles are so simplified. Vinfast didn’t go with the casual and shiny look. They kept it simple from the outside and inside to give the classic look.

One thing you feel odd, that there’s no speedometer in front of the driver. Because they kept it simple and the moment you start it will appear on the windscreen like a hologram.

Vinfast is an old company, but with a new experience in an automobile. The way they had presented their two brand new models and their main focus look like they are in for the long race.




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