Most Influential Auto Show! Background History Of LA Autoshow


In America, auto shows have got huge importance, because you get to see the real supercar lovers and passionate enthusiasts. Since the pandemic hit, most of the auto shows have been canceled and things went out of hand.

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Car manufacturers got in trouble because the autos show was considered the main spot for the upcoming car revelation or launch. But thank God things got better.

Talking about American car auto shows apart from New York International Auto Show, there’s another one that is considered as one of the most waited auto shows.

Los Angles Auto Show aka LA Auto Show which was founded back in 1907. Here in this glamorous auto show, you get to see the supercars designed by elite companies and the most important concept cars.

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Before heading towards their upcoming event, it’s better to look at their history from where they actually started.

Los Angeles Auto Show – History to be known

Los Angeles Auto show is one of the most influential and highest-attended auto shows globally. It has a span of more than 1,000,000 square feet. Every year in the fall, LA auto show’s creator ANSA Productions gathers all the car makers and lets them reveal the future cars.

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In the early times, there was a massive blow or say incident LA auto show organizers had to face. In 1929’s show in one of the airplanes, short circuits occurred that caused a massive fire and destroyed the whole venue.

It cost them millions of dollars, fortunately, there were no injuries, but over $1 million (approx. $15 million in 2019 dollars) worth of damages.

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With the new tech advancement such as car assists and cloud infotainment systems made LA auto show came up with the idea of the Connected Car Expo in 2013.

The show began with Automobility LA that consisted of journalists, designers, and industry representatives. In the first-ever show with 65 debuts, a record number.

For those who don’t know the US or say LA is considered the car capital of the world. it surely delivers media exposure with global industry networking and experiential marketing.

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From press to digital media influencers, the LA auto show brings together the whole ecosystem of automobile technology and media.

In this epic auto show, you get to see car shoppers and auto fans come together for ten exciting days in the nation’s largest car-buying market.

Mark your calendar guys, because last year’s LA auto show was canceled due to coronavirus and decided to move to next year. So, it’s coming in November, and be ready to witness the best supercars and future ones.