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“Old, But New & Faster” Porsche Boxter Bergspyder



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Every supercar company assembles something unique for their audience and that’s what they call it limited edition.

Name any company that hasn’t created a limited edition or say rare supercars that are impossible to have in your garage until and unless you are a big celebrity.

Source: Motor1

Among rare supercars, Porsche also stands in the line for producing some insanely limited editions for their real car lovers. Although this year has surely been exceptional, as they have revealed some outstanding supercars just like GT3 911 Touring and made some impressive upgrades.

But today, here you are going to witness one of the fastest and rarest supercars Porsche ever produced. The Boxter Bergspyder is the one that stepped into my radar and Supercar Blondie too.

Source: Motor1

Because it gives you every reason to review it as it has no roof, windscreen, or side mirrors. And the most important thing is it has only one seat. The moment you look at it, it gives you pure racing car vibes and yes, it is.

The design and finishing of everything are out of their traditional Porsche supercars.

Porsche Boxter Bergspyder – What a racing car!

Boxter Bergspyder is a mountain hill racing car designed by Porsche in the early 90s. it was superfast in every manner and from the beginning, it was a one-seater named “909 Bergspyder”. And it was the lightest racing car at that time ever existed.

Source: Facebook

So, after long years in 2015 Porsche decided to create something with no non-racer drivers out there with the same look and inspired from the original one.

And guess what they did. Beside the driver you see a long portion, you might be thinking it’s just the design. But no it has room space to store your helmet and other stuff. Fun fact, it’s one of these cars ever produced in the world by Porsche.

Source: Wheelsage

The Boxster Bergspyder weighs 2423 pounds, 617 pounds less than a 2016 Boxster Spyder. With the powered by the 3.8-liter 289 kW (393 PS) boxer engine from the Cayman GT4, the Bergspyder had a power-to-weight ratio of almost 2.8 kg per PS.

You won’t find this car on the street, because it lives in the Porsche Museum. The back of the car was also redesigned to go with the modern era and kept it stylish with the racing car touch.

Porsche Boxter Bergspyder – Similar to an older version

Boxter Bergspyder’s interior is fully similar to the older version of 909. They kept the similarity and hold the vibe of it.

Source: Carscoop

Even the technology is also taken from the 909 Bergspyder which technically made the bucket seat of the car much lighter as well.

The quality of the seat and design surely gives you the feel of a race driver the moment you step inside of the car.

Source: Top Speed

The steering wheel and front speedometer were also taken from the original car.

So, there’s no shame in saying that this car is a modern version of Bergspyder in a designed manner. Because apart from exterior design everything stays the same which is quite impressive.




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