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“No Roof Top Feel The Air”-McLaren Elva, It’s Design & Insights



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Buying a sports car or say a car worth more than $5M would be a big surprise not only for you but for the people around you.

On the other hand, having such a car in your garage feels supreme and exciting especially you get your hands on ‘McLaren Elva’.

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Mclaren has always been in the spotlight whenever it comes to sports cars, even in the video games McLaren cars are the must in most of the racing games and it has to because it holds the clear charm of it. It’s a superfast and pure racing car in every manner.

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McLaren Elva is considered the weirdest car in the McLaren garage, because of some unique and unexpected features.

By design this car looks impressive in every manner, totally going with the sports car look in every perspective and it’s top-notch. As per speed and performance, the price is also high-end with $2M.

To know more about we need to get into it and see what it looks like. Is it weird or just the rumors.

McLaren Elva-Super Exterior

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McLaren Elva’s design is something that mainly no one has seen before, no rooftop (that’s usual basically), no windows, and no windscreen.

It’s not comfortable to drive without a windscreen, because every element might hit you while driving but McLaren made it so comfortable and incorporated with the design that’s insane.

Without Wind Screen, there’s still no chance that you might catch some flies

Supercar Blondie one of the most famous car reviewers on the internet has shared her views and made a whole video about it.

Source: HotCars

In her video, the private owner who lent the car to her spends an additional $40,000 for the dual paint job, and the McLaren name on the back.

With the doors, McLaren went with their usual doors opening style nothing fancier in it with a single button inside. Going to the back, the exhaust pipes are managed beautifully to give the different sound frequencies.

Source: YouTube

It also got storage where you can put your helmet because this car does come with a helmet. The overall design of the car looks exclusive and you might think it got a heavyweight too. But no this car is 250 kilos lighter than Ferrari Monza.

McLaren Elva-Comfortable Interior

Source: Motor1

The first talk about the seats, seats are shorter than other McLaren cars produced in the world. Creating shorter seats helps drivers and passengers to get in and out easily.

The sound the moment you turn it on, it’s aggressive and powerful. In front of you, there’s the premium steering wheel and some functions to change your modes.

Source: Top Speed

Underneath the steering was, you found a dial to adjust your steering wheel, and not only that the whole front panel adjusts too.

McLaren Elva is something you would love to have in your garage for sure because you get the leverage to customize it in your favorite color combination or get a sign on it.

But do remember additional stuff might cost you thousands of dollars for sure.




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