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“Unique, Premium & Exclusive” Aston Martin Mansory Cyrus



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In the world of supercars, Aston Martin surely holds their position for producing exclusive supercars in the market. Whether it’s supercars or Formula One cars they have done a superb job in the world of cars.

Almost every year Aston Martin surprises the world with their new concept of cars, unique design, and creating a great impact on the modern era of cars.

Source: Automative News

This time Aston Martin didn’t stay back, while others have introduced some of the amazing and expensive cars.

Source: Alain Class Motors

Aston Martin released their “Aston Martin Mansory Cyrus” originally its an Aston Martin Db11 the V12 version which now Mansory has taken that beauty and turned into one of Mansory Cyrus.

Aston Martin last year came with the big edition of DBX 2020 as their SUV in the market.

Mansory Cyrus-From Aston Martin Db11

This car looks wise is incredible in every manner, with the premium look and unique design. Plus that racing green color takes the whole spotlight of the evening.

Supercar Blondie has managed to review the car and covered the coolest features of the car.

Before getting into the whole picture, let’s discover the interior which is eye-catching in every way. The full silver leather material and it’s not only about seats.

The whole interior is silver, which is impressive with shiny silver that attracts pure attention towards itself.

Let’s quickly cover the outer side of the car, Mansory has done great work with the design. They have got the new 22inch ultra-light forged wheels, it looks like Mansory didn’t want to just recreate Db11.

Source: Auto Evolution

On the back, you get a diffuser on the collage carbon fiber, and in the center, you get the Ephraim brake light.

As said Mansory made potential changes in the car, a whole new complete exhaust that screams loud sound adding extra air intake and last because of that in this car you get 100 horsepower extra.

That makes this car with 700 horsepower compared to Db11 100 extra. Bonnet has also been redone by the mansory, with the louvered air outtakes.

Source: YouTube

Along with that, the whole grill has been replaced with carbon fiber, Mansory invested so carbon fiber in this car.

For those who might be thinking there is other Mansory Cyrus, no there’s only one in the world and that’s why they had done so much modification even in the engine tuning too.

This car now costs you, don’t be shock almost $800,000 that’s four times the original Aston Martin Db1 V12.

Now the Silver Shine Comes In

Source: Auto News

The moment you get in, you get the carbon fiber and leather steering wheel. The headroom got way to space, plus the infotainment screen also got great control options. The interior is also fully carbon fiber with inverted screen spots.

Source: Mansory

On the back passenger seat, you get the speakers, and the seat leather material is legit premium. Even the interior is also redone, they had stripped down the previous design and made it new purely.

Mansory Cyprus surely is the new model of the Aston Martin Db11, because what they have done to the car is incredible. From interior to exterior everything is top-notch and that grabs the center of attention.




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