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“Stay Safe From In & Out”-Invicto Mission The Beast Of Armor



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Having a super heavy car with bulletproof is not a dream anymore. You might have seen in movies, that big SUVs getting furious with the bullets and left the action without a single scratch.

In this generation SUVs with fully armored and blast-proof are something unimaginable. But don’t need to imagine, because Brabus made such a beast in reality. Because anything can happen, recently Polestar announced their third edition of SUV that has Electric motors.

Source: Motor1

ARMORED & BLAST-PROOF G-WAGEN “Invicto Mission” is here to shock you with the premium design, eye-catching features, and much more.

People are very much into supercars, but Brabus thought differently and created something for ‘Big Boys’.


One of the surprising things about this G-Wagen is the price because not only this beast is exclusive but also the price as well.

It will cost you half a million-dollar and that’s insane everyone knows it. But that’s something you cannot ignore from inside and outside in every way it’s superb.

One of the most influential YouTubers Supercar Blondie got the liberty to drive this beast and let us know about the most interesting features.

G-Wagen has the steel caged armor, that’s going to keep you safe from any attack for real. It’s fully tested, during the test it had 15 thousand bullets launched in the side of it, and not only that it was tested with heavy grenades too.  

Source: Slashgear

Apart from that, you get a winch on the front, a roof rack with masses of lights, and fully bulletproof steel wheels.

Another coolest thing is that on the back you get the two fire extinguishers and oxygen. Because if someone attacks you with the chemical or gas, you will be protected by that oxygen tank by hitting the oxygen gas.

Source: Brabus

By these special features, let me clear that this beast is specially made for elite forces or VIP celebrities to ensure that they are safe from any dangerous attack.

The glasses on windows are like any other SUV ones from the outside, but from inside it’s fully bulletproof and sealed.

Interior Has another World

From the inside, they have tried to make it comfortable and secure. The interior has been built like for Special Forces with extra gear, a military seat belt, and huge room for the head.

Source: SlashGear

The seats are so military or more than that because such seats you normally won’t get on other SUVs.

As mentioned seat belts, they are purely different from the normal ones because it got five-point harness seat belts and there’s no padding on the door as well.

Source: Brabus

Now let’s get on the front because here the real picture begins. The first thing you see is the Mercedes Benz logo shining on the steering wheel, plus they didn’t dislocate the charm of the front luxury and kept it as cool as it should be.

Source: AceTech

One of the most interesting things is the passenger seat infotainment screen dock. That separate screen lets you enjoy the cool features of the G-Wagen such as blue lights, tracking spotlight, etc.

Invicto Mission surely is the best in every manner, seeing this SUV with Special forces or with any VIP celebrity should surprise you because if you are driving in this car then you are purely safe from in and out.




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