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“Bentley In The SUV Race” First-Ever Bentayga SUV



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2021 is all about exclusive brand luxurious cars, but not the small one heavy one. Within the 2021 timeline up till now, it feels like this year is all about SUVs.

Because many of the big automobile manufacturers started producing heavy SUVs with a modern and aesthetic look.

Source: Car Buzz

To follow the trend, Bentley motors decided why would we stay behind in the race or SUVs and they produced it. The first every “Bentley Bentayga Luxury SUV” is here in the 2021 SUV race.

You might have seen extraordinary supreme SUVs by other manufacturers, but this beauty clears the road by herself. The design and the look grab all the attention at once.

Bentley Bentayga Luxury SUV

The exterior is for now everything before heading inside and the most important feature is the headlights. That crystal shining headlights, its purely inspired with the crystal form and covered around the headlights.

Source: Google

It’s hard to get your hands on such beauty, but not for Supercar Blondie who managed to get it so she can review it. And she did the first edition of the Bentley Bentayga SUV.

The wheels surely look dope with the black aesthetic look and 22inch wide bad boy.

Source: YouTube

Bentley Bentayga SUV will have three versions, the first edition comes with a four-liter twin-turbo V8, the second one V12 of the Bentley Bentayag, and the ten the hybrid version.

So the first edition one got the V8 540 horsepower not bad at all. Bentley worked with the design clearly, because they have changed so many elements in design from their previous models.

It is faster, but the version which has V12 it got 600 horsepower, like imagine driving an SUV superfast on a road.

Source: Motor1

Backlights are different as per their usual ones from previous cars because the previous ones had the boot cutting middle of the tail light. The back door opens with the tail light which looks dangerous, but to keep you safe they integrated whole new tail light underneath the boot area.

Interior of Bentley Bentayga SUV

When you open the door, you get the diamond quilted stitching inside the interior of the door that looks classic. Inside the dashboard is covered with all the carbon fiber and in front of you is the fully digital display screen.

Source: Motor1

Bentley did every possible thing to make this SUV modern and stylish with the upgraded technology. You can play around with some cool features with the navigation buttons on the steering wheel and its techno.

The seats got the same diamond quilted soft stitching that gives you a premium and comfortable feeling all in one. Now let’s go to the passenger seats at the back to check out other features.

Source: Motor1

The moment you sit, your first glance goes to the little display screen fixed down in the middle bar which you can easily eject and use portably.

Drink holders are back in the middle as usual which a compulsory thing to add is nowadays.

There’s no denying in accepting the fact that Bentley managed to pull of the luxurious SUV with the modernistic look.

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